Holiday Survival Tips

28 Nov

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a challenge when it comes to sticking to a diet.  With this time period being filled with parties, alcohol, and food, here’s some tips to help you survive the holidays!

1. Think and plan ahead. Use a large calendar to record events that will be challenging for you. Schedule rewards for yourself that will enhance your enjoyment for the holidays. (Examples: Manicures, Pedicures, Clothing, Jewelry, Massages, etc.)… No Food!

2. When you do have a party to attend, go there KNOWING what you plan to do about eating (don’t stay home instead of going!)

3. If you are going to a dinner party, ask what is being served (if possible) and plan accordingly.

4. If you will be at a party where hors d’oeuvres will be served, eat before you arrive.

5. Carry an MWLC snack or bar with you at all times (as a back-up).

6. When attending a party, wear clothing that is well fitting (as opposed to loose fitting – comfortable – stretchy).

7. Focus on the friends and/or family that you will be seeing (not the food).  Spend time talking with each and every guest that you know at a party (this will leave little or no time to visit the snacks).

8. If dinner is served “buffet” style, use only one plate and fill it primarily with raw veggies, salad and fruit (foods on plan). Select a small plate if possible. See your plate – don’t pile up or overlap food.

9. Do not eat anything that is served in gravy or sauce.

10. Avoid all food that has been “fried”.

11. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day throughout the holidays.

Remember that you are making a choice…that you have made a commitment…that you have a plan, and that YOU WANT to be successful!

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Cinnamon: How Does it Affect Weight Loss?

28 Nov

Cinnamon and Weight Loss

Cinnamon is more than just a popular spice added to many foods and drinks.  Recent research from the University of Michigan indicates that cinnamon may have small weight loss benefits. The study, published in the journal Metabolism, shows that cinnamon can promote weight loss and kick start your metabolism, due to an agent it contains that burns energy in human fat cells. This agent is an organic compound called cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamaldehyde occurs naturally in the bark of cinnamon trees and is what gives cinnamon its flavor.

The team of researchers from the University of Michigan obtained fat cells called adipocytes, from various human volunteers who had undergone liposuction. After treating these cells with cinnamaldehyde, the researchers noticed some interesting changes. When the cells were treated with cinnamaldehyde, the cells went through a process called thermogenesis, which is when the cells start to burn energy.  Researchers still are unsure how much cinnamon should be safely consumed for weight loss, but adding an extra dash to your foods or drinks may help to improve your metabolism.


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WSYM: MWLC Patient – Dwayne

27 Nov

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Lansing patient Dwayne G. joined Bob and Tracy on WSYM’s The Morning Blend to discuss his personal weight loss journey.  He lost 45 lbs in 16 weeks with Medical Weight Loss Clinic!  Congratulations Dwayne on your inspiring accomplishment!

“Discipline = Freedom.  If you can discipline yourself to do what you need to do to lose the weight, you can have the freedom to do what you want later on.”

– Dwayne G.

Book a free consultation today by calling 1-800-GET-SLIM or

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Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

27 Nov

Updated: 10/25/18

Are you limited on space in your kitchen? Aside from a sharp knife, cutting board and good pan, there are a few other tools that can help you in your quest for easy food prep and healthier eating.

Image result for food scale meat

Measuring Spoon and Cups
Make no mistake, these aren’t just for measuring ingredients for your recipes. A nice set of measuring spoons and cups will help you practice portion control.

Kitchen Scale For Weight Loss
A kitchen scale is perfect for items that can’t fit into a measuring spoon or cup. A kitchen scale won’t break the bank (less than $40), but it will help you learn how to portion proteins or measure items based on weight instead of volume. Do you really know what 13 ounces of quinoa looks like? The scale doesn’t lie.

Slow Cooker
You may think of it as a tool for busy people instead of a weight loss gadget, but really it’s the best way to ensure your meal is ready when you are. No more grabbing convenience foods the minute you rush through the door. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a nice, hot, home-cooked meal? Soups are delicious and lean proteins are incredibly tender.

Mini Food Processor
Chip, whip and blend – on a smaller scale. It’s still easy and fast, but it takes up far less storage space with the same results.

Collapsible Steamer
Want to know the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to cook vegetables? Steam it! Steaming keeps the nutrients in the food, rather than losing them in the water. For under $10, you can find a collapsible steamer that can fold up to the size of a salad plate.

You can find some great deals online or at your local kitchen store retailer and many will often honor online coupons!  Happy prepping!

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Vegetable Turkey Stuffed Cups

24 Nov

Updated: 6/19/18

Looking for a creative way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers?  Instead of the traditional turkey sandwich, try this delicious breakfast recipe!  This recipe is an easy way to keep those turkey leftovers a part of your meal plan all week long for National Turkey Lover’s Month.

Vegetable Stuffed Turkey Cups

1 Protein
1.5 Vegetables
0.5 Starch
1 Nutritional Supplement

1 portion Turkey Breast, fresh
1/8 cup Corn
1/8 medium White Onion, thinly chopped
1/2 cup Celery, finely chopped
1 cup Mushrooms, diced
1 MWLC Cream of Chicken Soup Nutritional Supplement, dry
1/2 clove Garlic, minced
1 tsp. Sage
1 Tbsp. Poultry Seasoning
Mrs. Dash, to taste
Ground Black Pepper, to taste
Unflavored Cooking Spray

Spray the bottom of a medium skillet with unflavored cooking spray. Place the mushrooms, corn, celery, and onion in the skillet. Next, over medium heat, cook them for 4-5 minutes, or until softened. In small non-stick skillet, spray unflavored cooking spray and place the chopped turkey breast. Then, stir and cook the turkey for 5 minutes or until turkey is thoroughly cooked. Mix all the seasonings, the supplement, turkey, vegetables, and starch together in a medium bowl. Add enough water to moisten, but not too much. Spray muffin tin with unflavored cooking spray and place the mixture filling each tin 3/4 way full. Bake at 350 degrees for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy!

(Not recommended to make less than 4 servings. This recipe is for 1 serving.)

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How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

20 Nov

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts didn’t always have the best reputation, but the ways they are being cooked now would make any vegetable jealous. They are versatile and just as delicious as any other greens out there. Here are three simple methods for cooking brussels sprouts.

Image result for brussels sprouts stalk knife

Buying & Cleaning Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week and a half so they are great to have on hand. Look for the cabbagelike buds on a large inedible stalk. They should be tightly closed with green leaves and shouldn’t smell cabbage-y or show any signs of yellowing.
To clean them, trim the ends and rinse them off in a large bowl of cold water. Pat them dry before storing in your refrigerator crisper or vegetable drawer up to a week and a half.

Raw Brussels Sprouts
Raw brussels sprouts leaves can give kale a run for its money. While the raw leaves tend to be a little peppery, they can be thinly sliced for a shredded slaw. Trim the stems off and halve them lengthwise. To thinly slice the entire sprout, lay the cut side down on the cutting board to prevent them from rolling around.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Roasting brussels sprouts may be the best and most delicious way to prepare them. They caramelize when exposed to high heat, soften enough but also become crispy. Half or quarter your cleaned brussels sprouts and distribute them on a rimmed baking sheet. Spray them with unflavored non-stick cooking spray and roast them at 450, tossing every 10 minutes or so until the outer leaves begin to char and the innermost part of the sprout is tender. Toss them with lemon or orange zest and finish them off with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds.

Steamed Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts may have gained their bad reputation from cooks over steaming them to a mushy army-green death instead of preserving their bright color and tender texture. Fill a pot with 2 inches of water and place a metal steamer basket on top. Bring the water to a simmer, add the brussels sprouts to the basket and cover, steaming for 8-10 minutes or until they are bright green and just cooked through. Add lemon juice and fresh mint or other chopped herbs, chile flakes or ground spices of your choice.

Would you like to see more healthy Brussels Sprouts recipes? If you are looking for some fresh recipe ideas, visit



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5 Ways to Set Yourself Up For a Happy and Healthy Life

17 Nov

The holidays can be an extremely stressful time for people because there is an expectation that you have to be happy and enjoy every minute of it. For many, that is not realistic. A healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and exercise can create a solid foundation that can help you bounce back faster when stress occurs – not just through the holidays but on an ongoing basis. Here are 5 holiday health tips.

Image result for relax by fire

1. Sleep
Seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended so set an alarm in the evening to allow yourself time to clear your mind and get ready for a night of quality sleep. It is easier to handle stress and manage emotions when you are well rested.

2. Silence
Many times, stress is not in the present. It can linger in the past or in our thoughts of the future. Practice slowing down your train of thought, take deep breaths and enjoy being the moment.

3. Sweat
Proven to be effective against anxiety and depression, exercising or any kind of movement is a great way to get those endorphins going for positive emotional and physical health.

4. Success
It’s rewarding to set a personal goal and achieve it. Make it a realistic goal such as an eating habit, watching less TV or walking more – then work towards it!

5. Social
Connectedness is an innate need that we all have. Make time for it and surround yourself with people that value and support you.

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Type 2 Diabetes Awareness

14 Nov

Updated: 11/2/18

November is ‘National Diabetes Awareness Month’.  What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose).  When you have type 2 diabetes, your body is resistant to the effects of insulin (insulin is a hormone that regulates the movement of sugar into your cells) or your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to maintain a normal glucose level.

Almost 37% of Michigan adults have prediabetes and over 12 percent have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Of the list of risk factors, some are uncontrollable, including age, race, genetics and medical history. However, there are many risk factors that are manageable.

Diabetes Risk Factors that are Manageable Include:
• Weight
o Being overweight is a primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes. The more fatty tissue you have, the more resistant your cells become to insulin.
• Inactivity
o The less active you are, the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes. Physical activity helps you control your weight, uses up glucose as energy and makes your cells more sensitive to insulin.

Studies have proven that controlling diabetes with diet and weight loss of even a few pounds is crucial to fighting type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that combining diet and exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 58 percent. Weight loss helps people with diabetes in two ways.

First, it lowers insulin resistance. This allows your natural insulin (in people with type 2 diabetes) to do a better job lowering blood glucose levels. If you take a diabetes medication, losing weight lowers blood glucose and may allow you to reduce the amount you’re taking, or quit taking it altogether.

Second, it improves blood fat and blood pressure levels. People with diabetes are about twice as likely to get cardiovascular disease as most people. Lowering blood fats and blood pressure is a way to reduce the risk.

Fortunately, up to 70% of cases of Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle.  Maintaining weight loss and learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle can reduce diabetes symptoms and help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

At Medical Weight Loss Clinic, our program consists of one-on-one personal supervision and nutrition guidance by our medical staff. It’s the safest and most effective way for you to lose weight. Our programs use regular grocery store foods and the best part is that we’ll teach you to keep your weight off permanently.

We have designed a program specifically for diabetics. Patients follow our diabetic diet with all varieties of food. This is the key to long-term health, reducing your risk of heart disease, and reducing the symptoms of diabetes.

Learn how to lose weight and reduce your diabetes risk today!


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3 Things to Eat in November

10 Nov

Updated: 10/25/18

The month of November offers plenty of fresh harvested produce to aid in weight loss or any health focused goals. Take advantage of these 3 fall seasonal items while they are in abundance in your local market.

While there are hundreds of varieties of cabbage, red, green and savoy cabbages are the most common cabbages you will find. All cabbage contains high amounts of vitamin C, folate and potassium. Filled with plenty of fiber, it’s a good choice to help keep the digestive system moving. Due to their darker hue, red or purple cabbage also have high levels of anthocyanins, a group of plant compounds called flavonoids which may have powerful antioxidant properties. Slice raw cabbage thinly and use it as a crunchy base in salads or add it to soups and stews. Try our Cabbage Wrapped Beef Shumai!

These juicy red seeds have gained popularity over the past few years due to the many incredible health benefits including helping prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s. They are loaded with vitamin C and their juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruit juices. Sprinkle the seeds over a salad or use it as an edible and colorful garnish to any dish. Try our Apple, Grapefruit and Pomegranate Salad!

Sweet Potatoes
These tubers are actually part of the Morning Glory family and are different from yams, despite often being incorrectly labeled in some grocery stores. While the Garnet variety of sweet potatoes is most popular because of its deliciously sweet flavor and bright color, sweet potatoes are also available in white and purple. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C, fiber and potassium along with high levels of vitamin A – in some cases providing as much as 980% of your daily needs. Mash them and add a sprinkle of pumpkin spice or roast them with brussels sprouts for a tasty fall side dish.  Try our Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie!

There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy these 3 super foods!  If you are looking for some fresh recipe ideas, visit

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