Summer Food Safety

11 Aug

Summer is in full swing filled with picnics in the park and poolside barbecues, but in the midst of all the fun with friends and family, it’s important to understand the risks of food born illnesses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports one in six Americans become ill from contaminated foods and beverages each year. The threat of food poisoning can lead to serious health issues including gastrointestinal problems and dehydration. Here are 5 quick and convenient food safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pack Up Properly: Consider the foods being transported and what the proper means of storing them should be. For grilling, be sure to separate raw meats and other uncooked items in tightly sealed containers away from cooked dishes and produce in the cooler. The risk of mistakenly consuming raw meat can result in E. coli poisoning, Salmonellosis and other harmful bacterial contaminators.
  2. Be Allergy Aware: Be conscious of diet restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) and allergies (nuts, shellfish, gluten or lactose intolerance, etc.) and to ensure certain foods are kept away from one another for packing and mealtime. In some cases, a printed recipe card with ingredients for each dish can be helpful for guests or discussing the menu in advance.
  3. Prepare for Germs: Make room in the car for paper towel, hand sanitizer or disposable towelettes to keep your space clean before, during and after mealtime. Prior to unpacking, be sure to wash hands and wipe surfaces thoroughly, especially when at playgrounds or swimming pools. Clean grills, especially those uncovered, to avoid the threat of animal waste and viruses or bacteria.
  4. Avoid the Temperature Danger Zone: One of the most important safety measures to keep in mind when handling food is to stay away from the temperature danger zone, which ranges from 41 to 140 degrees F. It pertains to cooking, storing leftovers and reheating foods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food Safety and Inspection Servicereports that bacteria grows rapidly outside of this zone, doubling in as little as 20 minutes. Purchasing a food thermometer at a nearby dollar store is a useful tactic in managing the risk on picnic/barbecue days.
    • Hot Foods: Cooked items, whether they are brought to the party or prepared onsite, should always stay at or above 140 degrees. This can be done by using hot packs, chaffing dishes and slow cookers. You can even create a hot box in a cooler with warmed bricks wrapped in towels. Foods can also be kept on the grill at a low temperature to stay warm.
    • Cold Foods: Placing gallon bags of ice or towel-wrapped dry ice beneath food containers can keep veggies, fruits and other cold items at or below 41 degrees. If space in the cooler is limited, freeze water bottles, yogurt tubes and/or juice boxes to use as a means of keeping food items cold. This way, the family can also stay hydrated with the items as they thaw.
  5. Dodge Dehydration: With children and busy families, it can be helpful to set timers throughout the day to remind everyone to drink water and take a break from summer fun to get hydrated. Believe it or not, water is not the only way to do so. These foods can easily be integrated into a summer menu and contain a high percentage of water to keep the body hydrated: Celery, Cucumbers, Grapefruit, Peppers, Oranges, Strawberries, Tomatoes and Watermelon.  Image result for food safety

August Blueberry Festivals

9 Aug

Summertime in Michigan means a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables growing throughout the Great Lakes state.

We can celebrate fresh eating at farmers markets, corner stands and even festivals but the time is right to celebrate blueberries, now in season through August.

Packed with fiber, low in calories and loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Blueberries are a great addition to your diet.   The superfood has also been linked to improving memory, fighting against cancer and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Celebrating Blueberries

There are multiple festivals happening in Michigan during blueberry season, all of which offer fresh, family-friendly fun.

  • National Blueberry Festival, South Haven – The 54thannual National Blueberry Festival will be held Aug. 10-13. The festival includes a basketball tournament, live music, downtown sidewalk sales, paint and wine classes, blueberry pancake breakfasts and more.
  • Montrose Blueberry Festival, Montrose – This hometown festival takes place Aug. 16-20. Take in a classic car show, pie eating contest, arts and crafts show and more. Parades, races and a carnival mean there’s fun for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Wild Blueberry Festival, Paradise – Celebrate the growth of wild blueberries at this festival, which runs from  Aug 18-20. Enjoy art, music, nature and of course, food. While you’re visiting Paradise, make sure to experience the nearby natural beauty with stops at Tahquamenon Falls and Lake Superior.

WSYM: Meridian Twp Farmers Market Saturday 8/5/17

31 Jul

Tracy joined Bob & Mary from Fox 47’s The Morning Blend to discuss a free cooking demo this weekend with MWLC’s Culinary Advisor, Chef Bobby.  Establishing healthy eating habits can ensure long term weight management with maximum health benefits and it’s easier to accomplish than you think!

Join us on Saturday, August 5th at the Meridian Township Farmers Market between 10am to 1pm for a live cooking demo with samples located in the Village across from the bridge. Chef Bobby will not only teach you how to select fresh foods, his lively cooking demonstration will show you how to make healthy, simple and delicious recipes on our plans that everyone can enjoy!

WJBK Fox2 Detroit: Spicy Quinoa Patty Meatless Monday with Chef Bobby

18 Jul

You can still lose weight by eating healthy and delicious food!  Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Culinary Advisor Chef Bobby joined FOX 2 for Meatless Monday with a recipe that is not only Freedom and Fast Track Meal Plan approved, but full of nutrients and easy to prepare.

Meet Chef Bobby this Saturday, July 22nd at the Royal Oak Farmers Market where you can sample his creations during his live cooking demonstration on the West Patio between 7:30am to 1:00pm.



MWLC’s New Culinary Advisor: Introducing Chef Bobby

30 Jun

We have some fun news to share with you all this Friday!  We are happy to announce that Chef Bobby Nahra of Lakeland Banquets & Event Center, is now also Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Culinary Advisor!  If you are familiar with WJBK Fox2 in Detroit, you may recognize him as a regular face on Fox2’s Cooking School segment.  Bobby is an accomplished chef with a long resume, cooking for high profile venues, companies and celebrities alike.

As MWLC Culinary Advisor, Chef Bobby will handle media opportunities where food or cooking is involved.  Not only will he also develop new recipes (with and without Nutritional Supplements) for our patients to enjoy, Chef Bobby will also help us show the public that healthy food can be tasty too!

If you are in the Detroit area, please visit the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market on Saturday, July 22nd on the West Patio.

WSYM: Feel Satisfied and Lose Weight?

26 Jun

Find out how MWLC can prevent you from feeling deprived or hungry during your weight loss journey.  Tracy explains more on Fox 47’s The Morning Blend.


5 Key Tips to Selecting the Best Watermelon

26 Jun

Did you ever wonder what to look for when selecting Watermelons?  Do you give it a good thump on the rind or do you look for unblemished melons?

Consider these aspects when picking out your next Watermelon and let us know what you think!

  1. Field Spot
  2. Webbing
  3. Boy or Girl?
  4. Size
  5. Tail