Bobbie’s Blog: Eliminate Holiday Feasting

24 Mar

Don’t let all those pastel colors and teeny candies fool you this Easter. Whether it’s an Easter basket, candy dish or holiday feast, trouble is lurking if you aren’t prepared. I learned the lesson the hard way on Halloween—one mini Snickers turned into 20. Normally, I can control what food is in my house these days, but on holidays it’s tough when others are bringing goodies in and in quantities I can’t control.

If you are planning on hosting family or celebrating elsewhere here are some ideas to eliminate temptation:


Pack up the leftovers and send them home with guests if you are hosting. Or pack them up and bring them to work for co-workers.

Easter Baskets for Children

Fill their baskets with anything but candy. They will still get a kick out of a basket full of fun items instead of sugary treats and if you’re like me it’s less temptation to peek in their basket in the evenings looking for a chocolatey treat. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, books, fruit snacks, Play-Doh, crafts, etc.


Don’t Go Hungry

Eat before you go or when you expect visitors to avoid overeating.  If you’re traveling, bring your shaker, drinks, bars and anything you need outside of your own kitchen to survive the uncertainty of traveling. Preparation removes the excuse of making bad choices and regret.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you are hosting and feel inclined to provide food that is tempting, keep it out of sight until right before it’s time to eat. Then send it home with someone else, so it isn’t calling your name! Chips, candy dishes, nuts, etc. all lead to quick mindless snacks that add up.

Friday, Saturday or Monday

If you feel you’ll get a pass because it’s a holiday make sure you weigh-in before, it will keep you honest and accountable. Weigh-in Monday and try to get back on track at your next meal if you fall off course.

Dish to Pass

Bring a healthy option you can eat if you’re uncertain what will be served. Fruit salad, veggies, turkey, are ideas. Don’t forget a beverage, water or something diet friendly so you don’t drink something you’ll regret.

Holidays are fun but tough on a diet, plan ahead and eliminate the stress and anxiety.  Don’t let one day or weekend with the family derail your hard work and efforts!




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Bobbie’s Blog: The Cost Of Exercise, Cheaper Than You Think

17 Mar

One of the excuses I have used when it comes to exercise is that it costs money. As though all the fit people in the world have expensive gym memberships or amazing in-home gyms, while I sit here living on a budget. The reality is, that is nothing more than an excuse and as I have researched, there are a lot of resources available for ANY budget. Just like there are workouts for all shapes, ages, and abilities.

If you are looking to jumpstart exercise and accelerate your weight loss, here are some affordable ways to get moving.

Free Trials

Train Better personal trainers provide a free personal training session to Medical Weight Loss Clinic patients. They can create a customized program for all abilities, ages and sizes without the intimidation. For more info visit or call 1-844-348-8632.

There are programs that will give you a free class to see if you like it and you just might! From boxing to group training sessions, you can experiment to see if it’s your niche.  If you’re not brave enough to go it alone, bring a friend. Or if you’re nervous about your athletic ability–ask what skill set the workout is designed for before committing.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has exercise videos you can do at any hour in the comfort of your home. Use your computer, iPad or smart phone to do exercise videos for free and at your convenience.

BobbieS-ExerciseLaptop 600x800


A fun way to find unique classes and facilities at an affordable price. I recently found an aerial exercise class for $12. Search by geographical area or the health and fitness category for deals.

On Demand

While sitting on the couch watching TV, I found a fitness network through my cable carrier’s On Demand. From Yoga to Cardio Dance, there are a variety of programs for all abilities.  If you’re already paying for cable, you likely have this feature.

Walking / Running

Fresh air and your own pace are always priceless. If you don’t have a fitbit to measure your pace, steps or distance you can use an app on your smartphone such as Map My Run to measure your time and distance. There are a lot of fitness apps at the touch of your phone to help you workout. Music helps also!

The most fun I’ve had working out was at SkyZone Trampoline Park where they have Skyrobics. My first class was $5! Neighbors suggested I give it a try and together we went bouncing at our own pace to music to a lightly structured workout led by an instructor. It was fun, different and I didn’t feel out of my league.

If you need accountability like me, affordable classes can keep you motivated and spark your interest. But in most cases you already have free resources at your fingertips.  So, let’s move and eliminate the excuses—we might be pleasantly surprised with the results.





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St. Patty’s Day Shake

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  🍀 Give our St. Patty’s Day Shake a try!


• 1 Supplement
* Suitable for Fast Track Patients

• 1 Vanilla Pudding Shake Supplement
• 6 oz. of water
• Ice
• Green food coloring

Mix supplement, water, ice and a few drops of green food coloring in blender. Garnish with shavings from a chocolate mint snack bar.

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

16 Mar

Grab your favorite soup bowl! Our delicious Cheesy Cauliflower Soup recipe is sure to warm you up!


• 1 Vegetable
• 1 Starch
• 2 Nutrients

• 1 Macaroni and Cheese Pasta Nutrient
• 1 Cream of Mushroom Soup Nutrient
• 1 serving Cauliflower
• 3 cups Water
• Dash of Pepper
• Dash of Garlic Powder

In a saucepan, mix together all ingredients and bring to a low boil. After it starts to boil, reduce heat to simmer for 15 minutes.

Key Lime Pie

14 Mar

Happy Pi Day!  Since it’s one of the most delicious and mathematical days of the year, we figured we should celebrate with our tasty Key Lime Pie! Get your forks ready! 🍴


• 1 Protein
• 1 Starch
• 1 Supplement

• 1 serving Cottage Cheese
• ½ tbs. Key Lime Crystal Lite Powder
• 1 Vanilla Pudding Shake Supplement
• 1 serving Cereal (100 cal/serving)

Mix cottage cheese, vanilla supplement, and Crystal Lite in blender with 1 oz. water. Put mixture in bowl over cereal. Let chill 1 hour.

Are Low Calorie Choices Always Worth It?

14 Mar

Did you know that the average American consumes 3,400 mg of sodium per day?  Even low calorie choices can be filled with high sodium content, potentially hindering your weight loss progress. 


Bobbie’s Blog: Bored With Water? Get Creative!

11 Mar

After my clinic visit last week, I realized I need to re-focus my efforts on my water intake. I bought a 2 gallon jug with a spout. I filled it with water and lemons and placed it on my counter, only because I couldn’t get the Gatorade Cooler in the house! It’s a reminder to drink my water–which I consistently have to work on. I would much rather have coffee, beer or soda in my cup than water and the consequences usually appear in a physical manner.

My counter top reminder!

My counter top reminder!


The difference in my skin is noticeable and the scale certainly reflects whether or not I’m properly hydrated. I even attribute the headaches I frequently had to dehydration since they have been eradicated since drinking more water.

With summer approaching, I am pledging to get back on track. Here are things I did when I started the program and am re-visiting:

BYOB: Find a water bottle you love, mine have spouts or straws. Bring it everywhere—work, the car, the gym! You’ll prevent the incidental slip up of a beverage you don’t want to drink or end up thirsty. If it has ounces on it, you can measure how much you’re drinking as well.

Accessorize: Use a straw–you will be amazed how much more you drink! Or try drinking water in a wine glass, makes it festive and functional for a change.

Infuse With Flavor: Infuse your water with fruit, throw a handful of strawberries, pineapple and lemons in water and let it sit in the fridge. You will have a refreshing and naturally flavored water. Pinterest has tons of infusion recipes.

Bedtime Ritual: Warm water before bed in your favorite mug with lemon is very calming and you will sleep better! It also keeps me from snacking at night.

Crushed vs. Cubed: Have your ice your way, my mom loves crushed ice for a super cold frosty drink.

Water On The Rocks, Please. Your wallet will thank you every time you go to a restaurant and order water instead of a soda–$2 adds up!


Refreshing & naturally flavored!

Refreshing & naturally flavored!


Bottoms up!