Back To School: Healthy Lunch Choices

31 Aug

Updated: 8/2/18

Did you know that September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month?  To kick off September, Tracy Strieter was on My TV20 Detroit Tuesday to talk about proper nutrition and how we can get the most out of our foods for ourselves and children. Healthy food can be fun to make and eat!

As part of our effort to bring awareness to National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September, MWLC will give-away 30 plans each at all of our 31 Michigan clinics to celebrate 30 years of business as of 2016. Check back tomorrow for more details!


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Vacation Diet Tips

30 Aug

Updated: 4/12/18

Plan ahead so you can enjoy your vacation while staying on track!

Vacation Diet Tips

When taking a trip, we often stray from our weight loss journey and indulge.  With a bit of planning, you can maintain your weight loss and still have fun.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track while on vacation!

1. “Eat in” for as many meals as possible.  Restaurants often serve larger portion sizes than those that fit into our meal plans and we tend to eat out much more while on vacation, so try preparing most of your meals if you’re able.  Bring foods with you, make a run to a local grocery store once you reach your destination and take advantage of hotels that have kitchens or mini-fridges.  Carry healthy snacks with you.

2.  When you do eat out at a restaurant, ask your waiter questions.  Try to order dishes with smaller portion sizes and ask for sauce on the side.  Review the menu ahead of time if possible and go to the restaurant prepared.  Choose fruits for a dessert or share a small dessert with others.  Select a local restaurant, that may have fresh and locally grown ingredients.

3. Avoid alcohol!  Sugary alcoholic drinks (like a poolside margarita), can account for a large portion of your daily calories.  Choose healthier beverages or select alcoholic drinks that are light on the added sugar.  Be sure to stay properly hydrated with water as well, spacing water consumption throughout the day.

4. Stay active on your trip!  Try new physical activities that may be unavailable in your home town, like swimming, kayaking or golfing.  Add in physical activities that don’t feel like “working out”, like dancing.  Focus on the activities and enjoying time with family and friends.  Pack tennis shoes and exercise clothes to encourage yourself to stay active.

Remember to plan ahead and enjoy your time away!

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CCFA Take Steps: Golden Colon Award!

29 Aug

Did you know that over 80% of all money raised by the CCFA goes directly to research and treatment options to hopefully find a cure one day for Crohn’s and ColitisTake Steps is the largest fundraiser for the CCFA and it was great to see employees participating with family, friends and patients at our walks this summer.

Both Take Steps Grand Rapids and Take Steps Royal Oak were held on beautiful days and we had a strong presence at both events.  It was a wonderful morning to get some exercise, bond with your fellow MWLC family and raise funds and awareness for this very important cause.  Due to our efforts as the highest fundraising team raising over $10,000 this year, Medical Weight Loss Clinic was awarded the Golden Colon Award for 2016!

We walk because over 1.4 million American adults and children are affected by digestive diseases  (1 out of every 200).  While many suffer in silence, Take Steps is changing that by bringing this community together publicly and encouraging them to make noise and be heard!  We couldn’t have done this without you and appreciate your support!


David Paull, President






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Cauliflower Pizza

25 Aug

Do you love pizza but want to find a healthier alternative? Look no further! Check out MWLC’s Cauliflower Pizza recipe!


0.5 Protein
2 Vegetables

2 heads of Cauliflower, cut, blended then steamed in microwave until soft
1 egg
2 oz. Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese
Italian Medley Mrs. Dash
Tomato, blended with Mrs. Dash (pizza sauce)

Cut cauliflower into small pieces and blend in food processor or blender. Steam blended cauliflower in microwave, use a kitchen towel to ring out water from steamed cauliflower. In small bowl, mix cauliflower, egg, 1 oz. cheese, seasonings. Form mini pizzas on a pizza stone or cookie sheet. Top with remaining 1 oz. cheese and pizza sauce. Bake at 450° for 12-15 minutes. Makes 4 small mini pizzas.

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Deviled Eggs

19 Aug

Who’s ready to eat? Join us in whipping up our MWLC Deviled Egg recipe…and don’t forget the paprika!


1 Protein
1 Dairy

1 serving Hard Boiled Egg
1 serving Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
1-2 servings Mustard
Sweetener to taste
Paprika to taste

Separate the egg yolk and egg whites. Blend egg yolks with the yogurt, mustard and sweetener. Fill egg whites with yolk mixture. Sprinkle tops of eggs with paprika to taste.

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Duration of Obesity Connected to Cancer Risk in Women

17 Aug

According to a recent study on postmenopausal women in the United States (published in PLOS Medicine), the longer a woman is overweight or obese in adulthood, the greater her risk of cancer over time.

The study looked at data regarding 73,913 women across the United States (data provided by an observational study group of the Women’s Health Initiative), closely reviewing the women’s body mass index measurements, physical activity, diet, smoking, hormone use, and diabetes history.  The impact of timing, length, and intensity of overweight and obesity on cancer risk in the women was examined.  The examined data spanned across 12 years, and diagnosed 6,301 obesity-related cancers among the group of women.

The research found that for every 10 years women are overweight or obese in adulthood, the risk for all obesity-related cancers increases by 7%, the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer increases by 5% and the risk of endometrial cancer increases by 17%.

Melina Arnold, a World Health Organization scientist and lead author of the study, states, “This study showed that the risk of cancer associated with obesity and overweight compounds over time, and a longer duration of overweight and obesity during adulthood is associated with increased risks of several cancers.  Furthermore, not only the duration but also the degree of overweight seems to play an important role in the risk of developing cancer, especially for endometrial cancer.”

The study indicates that length of obesity has an important role in cancer risk and highlights the importance of obesity prevention at all ages.

Full Journal Article Here:

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Food Scales and Weight Loss

16 Aug

Update: 4/29/18

Have you used a food scale lately to ensure the amounts you have been eyeballing are accurate?

While following a weight loss plan, it’s important to stock your kitchen with healthy kitchen gear, in addition to healthy food.  One of the most important healthy kitchen tools you should have is a food scale.  Even if you are eating healthy foods, consuming the correct portion of those foods is important!

3 Reasons to Use a Food Scale While Losing Weight:

1. Using a food scale helps you learn about portion control.  Most people eat serving sizes that are much larger than their bodies actually need, and it’s easy to overeat foods we consider “healthy”.  Weighing out your portions is a great way to keep yourself from eating more than planned.

2. When following a meal plan and recipes that specify portion sizes for meat, a food scale is extremely handy!   Most scales are easy to use, and have a large, digital display.  Measuring cups and spoons can lead to errors in the portion sizes you use while cooking, while a food scale allows you to measure your ingredients accurately.

3. Using a food scale gives you a greater sense of correct serving sizes when you eat out.  As you use a food scale, you will begin to learn what common serving sizes look like, and you will be able to “eyeball” if a serving is too large or small when you are eating out at a restaurant (where you are not preparing the food yourself.)


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Healthy Ketchup Recipe

15 Aug

It’s no secret that store-bought ketchup contains a lot of sugar, even some of the organic varieties. We created this recipe with that in mind and are proud to present you with a healthier alternative for all your dipping needs! Enjoy this healthy Ketchup recipe!


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