At the Clinic Profile: Please welcome Corporate Recruiter Lauren Lipinski


At Medical Weight Loss Clinic, an important key to a patient’s success is the passionate, knowledgeable team that supports them through every step of their journey. It’s playing a role in that team that Lauren Lipinski loves so much.

Lauren began her rewarding career with MWLC in August 2004. Over the last 14 years, she worked in clinics as a consultant and then clinic manager. This year, she moved into a new role as corporate recruiter.

This means that Lauren is the first point of contact for anyone seeking a career with MWLC. She receives all applications and resumes, and she performs phone and in-person interviews to forward the best candidates for all positions to the clinic supervisors.

While this position is different from in-patient care, which Lauren built her career on, she enjoys that her role as a corporate recruiter has a meaningful impact on patients in new ways.

“I find comfort in knowing I am making a difference when it comes to getting the right people hired in the clinics,” Lauren says. “Spending years working in the clinics, my passion was helping my patients succeed. I feel proud that I get to make sure the patients will continue to get exceptional service, as I am a part of the hiring process.”

Lauren considers herself a bit of an overachiever and says the hardest part of her new job is grasping the fact that she cannot complete everything immediately or at once.

“While there are positions to be filled, I want to make sure the person is the right fit in every way,” she says. 

Throughout her career, Lauren has loved that she is part of changing people’s lives through better health, which is something she was inspired to do after seeing her mother enjoy a long, fulfilling career in the weight loss field.

Lauren says that, while following in her mother’s footsteps, MWLC has become an extended branch of her family.

“I have been treated well and with respect, and have had supervisors and colleagues that care about me as a person rather than as an employee,” she says. “I have worked hard to prove myself and advance in my career, and have been given those opportunities, and I am thankful every day for that.”

A native of Westland, Lauren still lives there with her fiancée and their 10- and 6-year-old children. When she’s not working, Lauren loves to spend time with her family, especially her 83-year-old grandmother who is her best friend. Lauren and her grandmother grocery shop together, and Lauren helps her with medical appointments and household tasks.

Lauren’s hobbies including reading — a lot — and playing video games.

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