Gender Impacts Consequences of Consuming High Fat Diet

Updated: 8/22/18 According to a recent study, consuming a high fat diet may have greater negative health consequences for men than women, so it is important that men maintain a healthy weight.

The study, conducted by Dr. Zoe Williams and Dr. Matt Cocks, looked at how males and females each responded when they consumed large amounts of high fat foods for a week.  Dr. Williams and Dr. Cocks underwent this high fat diet personally, and studied how the diet affected ability to control blood sugar levels.

Before the two researchers began, their body fat was measured and their blood sugar levels recorded.  They were given glucose monitors to keep track of their blood sugar throughout the week.  In order to have an impact in just one week, the diet contained about 50% more calories than would typically be eaten.

Twice during the week, they each drank a sugary drink to introduce sugar into their blood stream.  The glucose monitors showed whether the diet was affecting their ability to clear this sugar from their blood.

Zoe's ability to control blood sugar levels didn't get any worse on the diet.  Matt, however, got 50% worse at clearing glucose from his blood.

Overall, this study shows the importance (especially for men) of maintaining a healthy weight and consuming a low fat diet to keep blood sugar levels normal, leading to prevention of diabetes and other serious medical conditions.

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