Bobbie's Blog: Swimsuit Season Is Coming. Train Better Can Help!

When I think about working out, I think about everything I already physically do in a day.  Anything that fatigues me counts, right? Heaving laundry baskets up and down stairs, bringing in the groceries from the car, taking the dog for a walk---these thoughts have enabled me not to work out and I know if I want to propel my weight loss, eventually exercise will have to be part of the plan. Since high school, I have attempted consistency on my own.  A class here or there, or DVD's at home - only to fail to find my niche.  Most recently, I attempted a fitness class far above my ability, leaving me nearly vomiting and in pain for a week. Clearly, I needed help!

At the urging of my clinic staff, I called Train Better and scheduled my complimentary assessment. They assured me they were not your typical trainers.  When I hear the words ‘personal trainer’, images of sweaty, burly men yelling and lifting heavy weights comes to mind.  I didn’t want a painful experience or intimidating person making me feel more out of shape than I already was.

Much like Medical Weight Loss Clinic, Train Better creates personalized programs based on your history, ability and goals. They work with people of all ages including many who are rehabilitating from injuries or surgeries. I was assured they wouldn’t hurt me and that their method focuses on doing correct movements, not pushing you beyond your limits.

What to Expect: Your first session will be a physical assessment. Measurements and communication about your history (surgeries, injuries, etc.) and goals will determine areas to focus on.  Low-impact, brief, exercises using minimal equipment will be used to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Bring a water bottle, but don’t expect a typical athletic club. The Wixom location was a quaint gym in a warehouse. Be honest about where you are in your journey and goals—my trainer was understanding and motivating.

Getting fit in Wixom with Train Better!


Time: 60 Minutes

Difficulty:  The 1 minute cardio challenge to assess my heart rate was the hardest part.  After having four kids, I didn’t wet my pants once, a bonus working out!

Cost: Complimentary first session! Customized programs based on your goals after your first free session. They recommend 8 week sessions for desired results.

How to Schedule:  Call 1-844-FIT-TODAY (348-8632) or visit and make sure you mention you are a current Medical Weight Loss Clinic patient.

If you are looking to jumpstart your physical transformation with exercise, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the complimentary session. Train Better trainers are knowledgeable if you have health issues or injuries which is unique to the fitness world. A lot of exercises scare me, but this was manageable and motivating.  Baby steps to a healthier you and me!

How have you jump started your exercise routine?


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