Bobbie's Blog: The Cost Of Exercise, Cheaper Than You Think

One of the excuses I have used when it comes to exercise is that it costs money. As though all the fit people in the world have expensive gym memberships or amazing in-home gyms, while I sit here living on a budget. The reality is, that is nothing more than an excuse and as I have researched, there are a lot of resources available for ANY budget. Just like there are workouts for all shapes, ages, and abilities. If you are looking to jumpstart exercise and accelerate your weight loss, here are some affordable ways to get moving.

Free Trials

Train Better personal trainers provide a free personal training session to Medical Weight Loss Clinic patients. They can create a customized program for all abilities, ages and sizes without the intimidation. For more info visit or call 1-844-348-8632.

There are programs that will give you a free class to see if you like it and you just might! From boxing to group training sessions, you can experiment to see if it's your niche.  If you’re not brave enough to go it alone, bring a friend. Or if you're nervous about your athletic ability--ask what skill set the workout is designed for before committing.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has exercise videos you can do at any hour in the comfort of your home. Use your computer, iPad or smart phone to do exercise videos for free and at your convenience.

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A fun way to find unique classes and facilities at an affordable price. I recently found an aerial exercise class for $12. Search by geographical area or the health and fitness category for deals.

On Demand

While sitting on the couch watching TV, I found a fitness network through my cable carrier's On Demand. From Yoga to Cardio Dance, there are a variety of programs for all abilities.  If you’re already paying for cable, you likely have this feature.

Walking / Running

Fresh air and your own pace are always priceless. If you don’t have a fitbit to measure your pace, steps or distance you can use an app on your smartphone such as Map My Run to measure your time and distance. There are a lot of fitness apps at the touch of your phone to help you workout. Music helps also!

The most fun I’ve had working out was at SkyZone Trampoline Park where they have Skyrobics. My first class was $5! Neighbors suggested I give it a try and together we went bouncing at our own pace to music to a lightly structured workout led by an instructor. It was fun, different and I didn’t feel out of my league.

If you need accountability like me, affordable classes can keep you motivated and spark your interest. But in most cases you already have free resources at your fingertips.  So, let’s move and eliminate the excuses—we might be pleasantly surprised with the results.