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Chris H.

lost 55 lbs. at MWLC Southgate*


My story…

Since having our twin boys, getting healthy has always been my concern. Working and raising kids gets overwhelming and making quick meals became more and more of a habit. We would go grocery shopping for healthy food meals for the week but when it came time to actually making the meals, there wasn’t enough time and eating out was a faster solution. The more time went by, the more we realized we were teaching the boys to make the wrong decisions with food. We were wasting food and my weight began to suffer for our choices. Every time my wife and I made the decision to start a diet, we would stick to it for a few, but then sink.

How has my life changed?

I’m happy, social and I’m proud when someone says “wow you look great”. Even clothes shopping is exciting. Putting on a medium and it actually fits - blows my mind. Before we started the program, I never realized how much weight was affecting so many parts of my life.

3 Tips to stay on track: 

  1. Water

  2. You’re not alone

  3. When you’re coming up with a 1,000 excuses to put off losing weight, you are forgetting the 1,001 reasons that you need to start now.

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