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Daneille R.

lost 40 lbs. in 18 weeks at MWLC Okemos*


My story…

I will be honest I was kidding myself. I was exercising regularly. I ran a half marathon, several 5Ks and I was riding my bike all the time. I would lose 5 to 10 pounds, but couldn’t keep it off. I fooled myself into thinking I was at a healthy weight although I was 40 pounds heavier than when I had kids.

We went on spring break in the Dominican and lots of pictures were taken. I looked at them and I was in awe on how I looked. Also, every night, I would wake up sweating and was tired all the time… and grumpy! My mom had started MWLC and was having success with it and was telling me about it. At first, I thought, “Ugh. Telling me what to eat? I eat OK. I don’t need to do this.”

But I kept watching my mom over a few months and thought, “well maybe?” I went in to talk to Maddie at the MWLC Okemos clinic and she asked questions. I started crying and thought to myself, “I do need this and whatever it takes, I need to finish it!”

Also, more to the story: That year, I was turning 40 and the next spring break we were going on a trip so I wanted to look and feel good again. I also think about getting older and that I do not want to be sick all the time or have heart disease prematurely. I am a nurse who sees all of the effects of obesity and what it does to your body and health.

My Challenges…

I have three boys and a husband who eat all the time and enjoy eating out and eating foods that may not be considered healthy. I can remember we were going up north for the weekend and they were stopping to grab fast food and I started crying because I was hungry and it was too hard. I didn’t want to think about what I was eating and drinking. My kids looked at me like I was nuts and my husband just smiled and said, “It’s all worth it. Let’s go get you something you can eat in Meijer.”

Now, I still exercise but I watch what I eat and think before I put anything in my mouth and think “is it worth it?”

How has my life changed?

My clothes size was a large and always baggy because I was hiding behind it. Now my clothes are a small, and on some occasions, extra small. I no longer sweat at night and I am not tired all the time.

Stick with it. You will see results. You feel like you sacrificing, but actually you are not. In the end, the way you feel outweighs any “sacrifice”.

I have been going to MWLC for the last 2 years and I have had several people ask me, “How did you do this?” I tell them about MWLC and I warn them that it is not an easy button. They are giving you tools to help you learn how to eat healthy again.

Staying on track: 

Weigh yourself regularly. It is easy to gain weight. Three of four pounds gained can easily turn into 20 pounds. You didn’t go through all of this to be back where you were!

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