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Dawn G.

lost 60 lbs. in 26 weeks at MWLC Saginaw*


My story…

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. When I was 15, I lost 70 lbs. and after that, was able to maintain an acceptable weight until I was 42. Just before my 42ndbirthday, I had too many deep tissue massages and my brachial plexus to my left arm stretched out. My left arm didn’t function for about 2 years. I developed chronic pain in my left arm and every time my medication was changed, I would gain 20 pounds. I had struggled for 11 years to lose the 75 lbs. I gained. Due to the chronic pain, my physical activity had decreased. Walking was about all I could do for activity.

How has my life changed?

I feel so much better emotionally. It is hard enough dealing with physical limitations and chronic pain. Then add a weight gain of 75 lbs. and this results into depression. I can say that ever since I started with Medical Weight Loss Clinic, I do not feel sad or depressed. The weight loss has helped me to have more good days than bad. I feel I am able to cope with my chronic pain better now too since losing 76 lbs.  Before I joined Medical Weight Loss Clinic, I lost 17 lbs.  After joining Medical Weight Loss Clinic, I lost another 59 lbs. for a total of 76 lbs. 

I love being able to buy size 10 clothes again and not have to shop at Lane Bryant. Not that I didn’t like the quality of their clothes, it was the stigma of buying clothes at a “fat girl” store. I have more energy since losing weight which has also helped with my outlook on life. I feel like Medical Weight Loss Clinic has given me the tools I needed to have a better quality of life. I am still on medication, I have a spinal cord stimulator and deal with my chronic pain daily, but I feel like I have my life back emotionally. Losing weight and feeling emotionally strong makes for a much better quality of life.

I tell everyone who asks, “how did you lose so much weight?” I say, “Medical Weight Loss Clinic”. I have tried so many different diets without success. Medical Weight Loss Clinic is not a diet to me, it is just the way I eat.

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