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Debbie C.

lost 62 lbs. at MWLC Okemos*


My story…

For 5 years I had myself convinced that I was really trying to lose weight but nothing would work. I was just gaining weight because of my age and stress. I hated myself and my life! On January 21, 2015 I was getting dressed for work and I couldn’t button my slacks. It felt like I gained weight every day. When I got to work, I said to myself, “if you don’t do something, you are wasting your life”. I googled weight loss programs and found Medical Weight Loss Clinic. I made a call to the Okemos clinic and talked with Maddie. I was at the clinic fifteen minutes later for my consultation meeting. It was perfect. I shed some tears when I got on the scale and realized how I had let myself go. I signed up that day and never looked back. The program is a perfect fit for me and the support Maddie and her team gave me was outstanding. I was at my goal weight six weeks later and have kept it off for 3 months.

How has my life changed?

I feel like a new person and look forward to everyday. Through this journey I’ve realized nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

My advice to others: 

It’s not a diet: it is a lifestyle change. Utilize your MWLC support team, weigh in at least 3-4 times a week, measure & weigh your portions, be honest and faithfully keep your journal. I couldn’t have asked for better support than I had with Maddie and her team.

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