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Jody H.

lost 59 lbs. at MWLC Southgate*


My story…

About 12 years ago my weight gain started. Nothing I did would help and the more I gained, the less social I became. Going anywhere meant I would cry, and having my picture taken would have me feeling resentful. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with MS and my weight sky rocketed even more. I would tire fast and working out wasn’t an option because a lot of exercises would make me over heat and have flare ups. I began to feel hopeless. (A word not in my vocabulary!)

How has my life changed?

I smile and laugh more. Shopping is fun again. I started coming out of the shell. Getting dressed up is fun again. I’m not embarrassed to be in pictures anymore. My medications haven’t changed nor will they ever, but I have more strength and energy. I’ve tossed all of my old clothes, even the ones I was saving in hopes that they would one day fit again because now they just seem like they are too big.

My husband and I did this program together. It brought us closer together we became each other’s biggest support and advocate. Additionally, changing our eating habits has helped us see that our poor eating habits was teaching our twin boys bad habits. Our boys mean the world to us and being healthy for them is so important.

My advice to others: 

There will always be an excuse to put off trying. But when you dedicate yourself to the program you realize the want to lose weight is more important than the excuse not to be changing your lifestyle.

Be the next Medical Weight Loss Clinic Success Story…