At the Clinic: Clinic Manager Nicole Vandy Bogurt devotes herself to wellness


Medical Weight Loss Clinic Manager Nicole Vandy Bogurt works hard to make sure her staff and patients enjoy their experience – and that means anytime they walk through the door in our Muskegon, Michigan location.

For Nicole, work mirrors her studies and providing the tools to health and weight management is something she is most passionate about.

Nicole joined Medical Weight Loss Clinic over a year ago – and last December she earned a promotion from consultant to manager. She found the company while pursuing her master’s degree in public health nutrition from Adelphi University based in Garden City, New York.

“After doing some research on what Medical Weight Loss Clinic has done all over the state of Michigan to help people live happier and healthier lives, I knew I wanted to be part of that type of workplace,” she says.

Her studies have been a perfect complement to the work for her master’s degree, which Nicole completed in December 2018.

“My work has definitely inspired aspects of learning as I finish up my degree,” she mentions. “Currently, I am working on my thesis about proper weight maintenance after a major weight loss. Providing the best service to my patients based on current research is always my goal.”

Nicole names her favorite part of her job as educating patients on how to live a healthier life.

“We have a great system that our patients can follow to take all the guess work out of losing weight,” she says. “However, it is the knowledge of what food does in your body that can make a lasting impact on our patients. I just love to see a patients’ face light up when I answer their really tough question and help them have a better understanding of food and nutrition.”

Nicole lives in Coopersville, Michigan with her husband and three cats. She is focused on her education, but looking forward to spending more time on her hobbies – and that includes painting and playing violin.

“I hope to eventually get more involved with the community to make sure public health and nutrition is an important agenda for our local community members,” Nicole says. “Healthy diet is the best preventative medicine out there and I have a huge passion for helping others creating healthy meals for any budget or circumstance.”

Nicole says she hopes patients interested in weight loss become more comfortable sharing their personal journey after visiting her Muskegon clinic. The secret? It’s simple - providing encouragement.

“We don’t let (patients) give up because they had a slow week of weight loss,” she says. “We keep them going so they can see their hard-earned results – whether it’s a number on the scale, amount of inches lost, improved cholesterol or blood sugar levels. We make sure we give them a great perspective of how holistic their success is and that is what makes patients stick with it.”

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