Bobbie's Blog: Healthy BBQ Ideas To Stay On Track

Somehow, summer weather makes every day feel like a vacation.  Ice cream with the kids, s'mores at the bonfire and beer with neighbors has me realizing summer can be just as dangerous as winter.  The assumption warm weather means being healthier has suddenly challenge my weekends and evenings.  Thoughts of holiday feasts or cozy evenings indoors watching snowflakes would be replaced by the great outdoors and fresh food, right?  Wrong!  The temptation of summer fun and the lack of routine - is a big challenge!  Anticipating the kids will be out of school for the summer soon, barbeques and vacation--has thrown me for a loop. I am trying to strategize a plan for summer by focusing on the following so I can stay on track and still have fun:

Bottle It: The scale will reflect if you aren’t hydrated enough when you retain water. Bring your own water bottle in the car, to bbq's, work, etc.  If you have an occasional beverage at least you will be hydrated—especially if you plan to be outdoors in the heat. Bring your own stocked cooler, so you aren't tempted by sugary, alcoholic drinks with empty calories if you get thirsty.

Dish to Pass: Veggie/fruit platters, chicken to grill, low-cal buns are options instead of going hungry and indulging on unhealthy choices. Beef/Shrimp/Chicken Kabobs, Chicken Salad, Mock Potato Salad—all are great dishes for a barbecue. Kabobs are a great option for the whole family!

Check out for these recipes and more. Recipes are even sorted by meals or specific ingredients.

Best Alternative to Potato Chips = Kellogg’s Special K Crackers in a variety of flavors. Avoid the open bags as it leads to endless consumption of excessive salt and calories.

Daiquiri or Dessert? Turn your favorite shake into a smoothie by adding fresh or frozen fruit and ice for a refreshing dessert-like daiquiri. Creating a favorite non-alcoholic drink for socializing, means you don’t have to compromise your diet or feel left out. Make it festive by drinking in a fun glass.

My kind of treat!


Don’t underestimate a vacation or barbecue. If you plan to indulge, be smart about the remainder of your day. One meal is not reason to throw in the towel for a whole day. Plan accordingly, drink water and get back on track at your next snack or meal.

Don’t take a vacation from your progress!


*Always confirm with your clinic which foods are best suited for your plan