Bobbie's Blog: How Disconnecting Can Improve Your Health

My children recently complained about how much time I spend on my phone, I didn’t realize how consumed I am by technology or the compulsive behavior. It feels excusable to be texting or reading the news—but it consumes far more time than we realize. Seeking more hours in the day and often feeling like I don’t have time to focus on being healthy or squeezing in a work-out—I realize, I could eliminate at least 20 minutes a day of screen time and replace that with something productive. Every time I reach for my phone, I’m growing more aware of how much time I spend staring at a screen. While technology can be a great resource for our health, it can also deter us by consuming valuable time. Here is what I’m practicing so I can find more time in my day by disconnecting:


Unless you’re the President you can afford to turn off your phone to eliminate the urge to reply instantly to emails and text messages. If turning it off is a challenge, turn off the sound to reduce the urge to respond. Constantly checking our phones keeps us preoccupied, robbing us of time!

Out of Reach

Place your phone out of reach. Keep it in a purse or a drawer if you find looking or waiting for messages is a distraction from tasks. Place it in the bathroom or kitchen to avoid bedtime access. Less stimulation at bedtime will also help you sleep better.

Day Off

Take a day off from technology, pick a weekend day to check out. Checking-out from social media is a small step to officially making it a habit or recognizing how often you’re online. Far better for your emotional health as well!

Work While You Watch

If sitting in front of the TV occupies more than an hour a day, folding laundry, light work-outs, etc. are great ways to multi-task. Use commercial breaks to do quick chores—I’m working on this!

Being a victim to technology wreaks havoc on our ability to connect with the people, as well as focusing on healthful habits.

Can you find an extra 20 minutes a day to take a walk, meal plan or focus on you?