Bobbie's Blog: Step Up & Overcome Your Physical Struggles

When I started Medical Weight Loss Clinic in 2015, I also signed up for a 5k in Detroit. I am not a runner and never have been, but I felt compelled to try.  Half-way through the race, I began to struggle. Feeling like I would vomit, my husband gave me the option to quit or to keep going. I jumped in a cab and quit. Disappointed in myself, I decided to try again in 2016. Without expectations, I enlisted my friends and family to join me in fun-runs throughout Michigan. I wasn’t looking to compete or finish in a certain time, I just wanted to complete the races. In April of this year, I ran a race with six of my closest friends. All of us are of different athletic abilities, some are marathon runners, some have lost close to 75 pounds or have never run before—yet we all finished. I was emotional at the finish line. I did it. Not fast by any means, but I finished. I never thought I could run 3.1 miles, especially after feeling defeated a year ago.

An emotional finish! I did it!


This year, I have committed to one run or walk every month. There are a lot of walks for free that your whole family can participate in, and sometimes, you can even bring your dogs. If the thought of running intimidates you or you aren’t physically capable to run—that’s okay! It’s just about moving. Here is what helped me try again this year:

Partner Up

Enlist friends or family to walk or run with you. There is nothing more encouraging than doing something with people who are fun to be with. A team or buddy will also keep you accountable.

Sign-Up is great resource to find walks/runs of all types in your area. There are family-friendly walks, walks with pets, competitive, non-competitive and even free events. Signing up commits you!


Couch to 5k is a great running tool to train you over several weeks so you aren’t jumping in without preparation. You can find it online and printable—for free.

Suit Up

Make sure you have good shoes and comfortable work-out gear. There is nothing worse than work-out clothes that chafe your skin or don’t fit right while you’re exercising or old shoes that can lead to aches and pains.

Join MWLC as they have teams participating at the following events this summer:

June 4th, 2016                     Grand Rapids, MI                   Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis

June 16th, 2016                    Royal Oak, MI                        Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis

To register, visit:


Walking with the MWLC family at the AA Heart Walk!


If running isn't your thing, try and explore something physical you do like. I know firsthand the discouragement one can feel when you physically can't do what you want. Recognize your limitations and be realistic about your health and start slow. Momentum is a powerful force when you are patient and try!