Diabetes and Your Health: A Letter to Diabetes

Updated: 11/2/18

November is here and it's American Diabetes Month.


You can’t ignore Diabetes.  But you can do something about it.

Are you a Medical Weight Loss Clinic patient living with diabetes or prediabetes?  We want to know your diabetes story!   Medical Weight Loss Clinic and the American Diabetes Association would love to know how your weight loss has impacted your diabetes and health.

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly half of all American adults have diabetes or prediabetes – a staggering number.  If you’re lucky enough not to have diabetes yourself, the odds are someone you love does.  Many don’t believe diabetes is serious.  But it is, and it can be deadly.

Diabetes doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, or how healthy you feel.  It visits one of us every 21 seconds!  This November, for American Diabetes Month, we invite you to do something about it by writing a letter to Diabetes.

  1. Consider what you would say to Diabetes. How does it make you feel?

  2. Write a letter to Diabetes expressing your feelings. Not a writer? Record a video or audio message.

  3. Send your letter to Diabetes to info@mwlc.com and we will share it on social media using #DearDiabetes