Find out how Medical Weight Loss Clinic patients combat seasonal depression

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder impacting your health? Find out how to combat this form of depression for good.

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder impacting your health? Find out how to combat this form of depression for good.

At some point during the year, it becomes common for conversations to turn to how people can’t wait for these warmer weather and sunnier days. But if the weather has a bigger impact on you than simply looking forward to summertime, you might want to consider whether you suffer from seasonal depression.

Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), typically starts in fall and lasts through the colder months. If you don’t manage it, it can affect several areas of your life and make it difficult to stay on track with healthy habits.

According to Jordan Stewart, a longtime Medical Weight Loss Clinic employee with a background in psychology and nutrition, common symptoms of seasonal depression include: 

·      Mood changes

·      Disrupted sleep patterns

·      Increased anxiety and stress

·      Loss of interest in normal activities

·      Low energy

·      Increased appetite

·      Irritability

·      Difficulty concentrating

“These types of symptoms can drastically impact quality of life, and can cause individuals to really stray from healthy eating,” Jordan says. “People experiencing seasonal depression symptoms may have increased cravings for high carbohydrate foods.”

You May Be At a Higher Risk For Seasonal Depression If You:

·      Live in a colder/darker climate

·      Have a family or personal history of depression

·      Are female – Women are at a four times higher risk of SAD than men!

·      Are a younger age – Even children and teens can be diagnosed with SAD 

As Jordan notes, “Winter in Michigan can be a tough time to avoid seasonal depression symptoms.”

If you think you may be experiencing seasonal depression, it’s important that you consult with your primary care physician.

“The exact causes of seasonal depression are unknown, but research indicates that individuals who suffer from seasonal depression may have difficulty regulating serotonin and/or melatonin in their body, greatly affecting mood, or they may have difficulty producing Vitamin D,” Jordan says.

Fortunately, taking steps to lead a healthy lifestyle can help prevent seasonal depression or manage the symptoms that come along with it.

What Healthy Choices Can Improve Seasonal Depression Symptoms?

There are several ways you can combat seasonal depression on your own. To help keep SAD away, try the following:

·      Regularly exercise. This reduces stress, improves blood pressure and sleep, and releases endorphins – a natural mood booster. 

·      Stick to a healthy diet

·      Keep a journal

·      Take a multivitamin. This can help ensure that you get enough Vitamin D. It’s also important to maintain adequate levels of Omega 3, Vitamin D and B12.

·      Meditate 

As a Medical Weight Loss Clinic patient, you may be encouraged to give our TrimXCEL or MIC Lipo Booster Injections a try as well. 

What is TrimXCEL?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s TrimXCEL is a unique blend of ingredients. It is recommended for appetite control, but also increases the serotonin in your body, which elevates your mood and helps to alleviate depression, explains Erika Petrie, MWLC service coordinator.

One of TrimXCEL’s ingredients is B3, which is essential for good health, but also works in conjunction with the other ingredients in TrimXCEL to convert food into energy. This boost of energy, with the increased serotonin levels, can help to enhance mood.

What Are MIC Lipo Booster Injections?

Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s MIC Lipo Booster injections are another way to improve your mood. Lipo Boosters contain several ingredients, two of them being B6 and Inositol.

Inositol is found to have activity against insulin resistance and may help to control mood along with appetite. B6, also known as Pyridoxine, helps to maintain hormonal balance, enhance your immune system, and relieve depression symptoms.

These two products may be taken together to improve mood and enhance weight loss.

If you feel like you could use additional support with your weight loss journey, our experts at Medical Weight Loss Clinic can help. Call 248-353-8446 or visit us online to book a consultation.