Food Scales and Weight Loss

Update: 4/29/18 Have you used a food scale lately to ensure the amounts you have been eyeballing are accurate?

While following a weight loss plan, it's important to stock your kitchen with healthy kitchen gear, in addition to healthy food.  One of the most important healthy kitchen tools you should have is a food scale.  Even if you are eating healthy foods, consuming the correct portion of those foods is important!

3 Reasons to Use a Food Scale While Losing Weight:

1. Using a food scale helps you learn about portion control.  Most people eat serving sizes that are much larger than their bodies actually need, and it's easy to overeat foods we consider "healthy".  Weighing out your portions is a great way to keep yourself from eating more than planned.

2. When following a meal plan and recipes that specify portion sizes for meat, a food scale is extremely handy!   Most scales are easy to use, and have a large, digital display.  Measuring cups and spoons can lead to errors in the portion sizes you use while cooking, while a food scale allows you to measure your ingredients accurately.

3. Using a food scale gives you a greater sense of correct serving sizes when you eat out.  As you use a food scale, you will begin to learn what common serving sizes look like, and you will be able to "eyeball" if a serving is too large or small when you are eating out at a restaurant (where you are not preparing the food yourself.)