Guest Blogger Bobbie: A Mom's Journey

Hi - I am Bobbie. I am wife, a mother of four and a woman who has lost a sense of herself in the chaos called life. I have struggled with attempts at being healthier and finding work out regimes, only to remain in the same place and frustrated. In 2015, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing a friend and mother of three looked. When she told me she lost weight with MWLC, I was shocked! I thought you needed a medical condition to participate in the programs. I called the next day and was happy to learn that they had a New Mom’s Program for moms like me seeking to lose the baby weight that had stayed with me since the birth of my 3rd child. I signed up the next day at the Brighton clinic and began my adventure. I figured if she could do the program as a mother of three, it was worth giving a try.

May 2013 Beach Vacation with baby #3 - 196 lbs and holding

January 2016 Spending time with baby #4 before a night out on the town - 155 lbs and feeling great!



Seeing results almost immediately, I began enjoying the convenience of fresh foods and shakes. Instead of fast food and late night snacks, I was now reaching for healthier options like fruit and veggies. The accountability and clinic staff guided me in losing 40 pounds and 4 sizes!

Today, I continue to move forward hoping to lose more weight and refine a work-out routine. I have an upcoming 5k this spring that I am nervous to complete, but eager to take on the challenge.

I still am learning how to balance putting my health first--nutritionally and physically when I'm accustomed to putting everyone else first.  As a current patient and guest blogger, I will be sharing my goals, challenges, and successes.  If you have any questions or comments for me, please register and comment on the blog.