Medical Weight Loss Clinic has a history of success stories


When we started Medical Weight Loss Clinic in 1986, our founders did so knowing we could offer a better way to lose weight, and make healthier choices to keep it off.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic represented a new vision -  a physician-supervised, one-on-one program customized for each patient, our goal was to help each individual who walked through our doors attain exactly what they needed.

It was sometimes a shock to the people who initially did walk through our doors when it began. After all, the 1980’s were all about fads and excess - and that included dieting. People who sought to lose weight wanted it to come in the form of a silver bullet. This demand paved the way for The Beverly Hills Diet book, and Richard Simmons hawking Deal-A-Meal on television screens. Everywhere you turned, it seemed, there was a new diet on the market to help us shed pounds.

But that’s the thing about fads: they’re short-lived and can fizzle out as quickly as they appeared.

From the start, our founders and staff at Medical Weight Loss Clinic knew better. What we offered seemed like a departure from “quick and easy” – a mantra that seemed to rule that decade.

Now, more than 30 years of success in the industry proves our founders were on to something.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic has more than 30 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio, with more clinics planned for the future. And because every patient is unique, we continue to use the same approach - a customized, non-surgical weight loss program with the success stories to prove it works. Our commitment to helping our patients lead better lives continues.

Commitment and dedication is the fastest way to lose and keep weight off, and that’s what you’ll find when you visit one of our clinics.

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