Medical Weight Loss Clinic takes shape in Perrysburg, Ohio

We have a new location in Perrysburg, Ohio.

We have a new location in Perrysburg, Ohio.

More people have the opportunity to take on a life-changing health and weight loss journey, thanks to the addition of Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s newest location in Perrysburg, Ohio.

The Perrysburg site, which opened on March 4, 2019, marks MWLC’s second Ohio location and 32nd location between Ohio and Michigan.

Lynsey Nethery, manager of the Perrysburg clinic, said she’s excited about the fact that Northern Ohio residents who hear about MWLC have more options of their own.

“Being mostly Michigan-based, Ohio residents are now hearing and seeing us all over the place,” she said. “I like that patients now have two locations to make it more convenient for them to stop in and see us.”

The first Ohio location is nearby in Toledo on Monroe Street.

Lynsey said the newest location, at 27072 Carronade Drive in the Kroger plaza, is off to a great start.

“Perrysburg loves us here,” she said. “Our location is perfect and easy to find. Many of our new patients have joined just by stopping in after grocery shopping to see what we have to offer and what Medical Weight Loss Clinic is all about.”

The new clinic has also jumped right in to being a part of the community.

Jordan Stewart, of MWLC’s corporate office, said the Perrysburg Clinic recently sponsored and participated in the Dart Frog Dash, a run/walk at the Toledo Zoo. Participants were able to exercise while spending time with family.

Overall, the team at the Perrysburg location is excited to bring motivation and accountability to patients’ lives.

“Our team is eager to help with getting everyone on track,” Lynsey said. “They are always ready and willing to help in any way possible to help our patients reach their goals.”

For Lynsey, who started as manager at the Toledo clinic, her motivation to help people succeed with their weight loss goals is personal as she knows firsthand what the plan can help people achieve.

“I have followed the plan on my own and have lost almost 40 pounds! If I am going to motivate others about this awesome program, I should also be showing that it also works!” she said.

To get started on your own weight loss journey, book your free consultation with MWLC online or by calling 1-800-GET-SLIM.