MWLC Honored Champion Alyssa L. lost 120 pounds

Alyssa L. BA Slide - Final.jpg

My Story

I’ve been overweight since as far back as I can remember; even as an active kid I was heavy. Once I entered high school, my weight really started building. I’ve tried just about every diet. None lasted more than a few months. Diets forced me to cut back so heavily on the foods I could have that I was always hungry. And always cheating.  Once I hit 300 pounds, I told myself I had to get serious. I tried joining an exercise program and eating healthier. I was so frustrated that I was still gaining weight despite making all these changes. By the time I was 400 pounds I was having significant health issues. My family doctor did not take me seriously which was very hurtful. Luckily, my gastroenterologist was willing to help. I talked to her about bariatric surgery as an option. Because I have Crohn’s disease, she encouraged me to exhaust all other options first. She put me in touch with Medical Weight Loss Clinics to try once more.

How has my life changed?

When I started at the clinic I was 410 pounds and walking with a cane. Within one month of starting the program, I was able to walk without my cane. Simple errands like grocery shopping were now possible and pain-free.  I’ve now lost 120 pounds in the last year. I was able to stop taking some of my Crohn’s medications. And my weight loss has inspired family members and friends to try and get healthier too. My co-workers were so excited to hear about my success they invited Medical Weight Loss Clinic to come to our yearly health fair and set up a table. It was amazing! My health is so improved now that I have lost weight. I still have more to lose and plan to keep going in the program. I’m aiming to lose another 100 pounds in the next year!

My advice to others?

I now know that several of the things I considered healthy growing up - actually weren’t healthy choices at all! I’ve learned a lot about proper nutrition and portion sizes. Try using spices instead of fats to add flavor to food. Strive for more physical activity and see what’s possible.