Navigate the holidays without losing sight of your health goals

The holidays are upon us – and are sure to pose a challenge to those looking to meet weight loss and healthy living goals. The number one offender? Food.

According to Saginaw Clinic Manager, Krysta Sauvie, of Medical Weight Loss Clinic, it’s as simple as that. Calorie counts for holiday meals tend to skyrocket, and food seems to be ever present. Whether we’re attending holiday parties or just going to work where we’re often faced with more treats than other times of the year, holiday time seems to challenge our best efforts.

Krysta shares some tips on how to navigate the holiday health maze while keeping up with your goals.

Make a plan – and stick to it: Don’t get caught up in the holiday food excitement.

“I would recommend planning your meal a couple weeks out from the holiday,” she says. “This will give you ample time to prepare food options that will meet everyone’s needs.”

Eat throughout the day to avoid hunger. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It’s a great way to keep your hunger in check, according to Krysta.

Plan ahead when attending a holiday party. Allow yourself a few of your favorite items, but don’t overdo it. Make only one trip to the buffet, she says, and forego taking home leftovers.

“One of my favorite tips is to make your salad plate your dinner plate, and your dinner plate your salad plate,” Krysta adds. “This way, you are guaranteed to get in lots of vegetables and fiber and will eat smaller portions of the higher calorie foods.”

Stay positive: “It’s very possible to host a holiday party and stay on track with weight loss goals,” Krysta says. “Keep healthy foods that you actually enjoy close at hand.”

Location Location Location: Consider food placement.

“Make sure you set foods away from the eating area,” Krysta says. “As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’”

Stay busy: Activities are a great way to keep guests entertained but they can also keep you away from eating out of boredom.

“Make sure to have some games or activities on hand,” Krysta says.

Get into the giving spirit: Another way to avoid those challenges? Send leftovers home with your party guests!

And sure, there may be moments of weakness. Take heart if that happens.

“Treat each day as a new day,” Krysta says. "Do not beat yourself up. No one is perfect. Focus on what you have accomplished this holiday season.”

The highlight of the holidays need not be on food. This is a time to spend with your loved ones, Krysta notes, so take times to enjoy them! “Your loved ones are the headliner; food is just the opening act,” she says.

If you are ready to begin your weight loss journey – or get a healthy boost this holiday season, contact Medical Weight Loss Clinic for a free consultation at 248-353-8446 or click here to schedule online.