Picking the Best Cantaloupe

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How do you pick the best cantaloupe?  Follow these six tips next time you have a craving for this sweet treat!

MOLD The first thing you’ll want to look out for is mold, cracks, or soft spots on the rind of the cantaloupe.

SKIN Next, examine the skin of the cantaloupe more carefully. The inside of a cantaloupe should be a subtle orange, but the outside is a different story! If the rind is green, that means it was picked too early and isn’t ripe yet. Aim for a rind that is beige.

WEIGHT Weigh your cantaloupe! This is one situation where the heavier it is, the better!

RIPENESS Sometimes cantaloupes can be too ripe. To double check, gently press the bottom of the cantaloupe with your thumb. A good cantaloupe will have a little give, but not too much. If the cantaloupe is squishy, that means it’s overripe and already rotting inside.

TAP Listen to your cantaloupe! That’s right, go ahead and tap tap tap on the rind. If you hear a hollow sound, you’ve got a good fruit!

SMELL Go ahead and smell the cantaloupe. Just like with pineapples, you should be able to smell the sweetness of the fruit. If you can’t smell anything, it’s probably not ripe yet.