Picturing Success: Dawn Grauf finds her way off the yo-yo diet

One phone call made a world of change for Dawn Grauf of Saginaw. 

It was April 2017. Dawn’s daughter was getting married in August. She was determined to lose weight for the wedding, but she wasn’t losing as much as she wanted. Then, she saw a Medical Weight Loss Clinic commercial and called to set up a consultation.

“I had tried many different weight loss plans and they just did not work for me,” Dawn said.

Saginaw’s Dawn Grauf saw life-changing results with Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Saginaw’s Dawn Grauf saw life-changing results with Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

“I needed a plan that would work for me long term to keep the weight off. I had lost the same 23-30 pounds and gained them back for many years, and I was tired of the yo-yo diets. I really liked the accountability of the program, weighing in three times a week and meeting with the Medical Weight Loss Clinic consultants. Plus, once the weight was off, I would still be able to attend Medical Weight Loss Clinic, which would continue the accountability for permanent weight loss.” 

Dawn knows she has a support system through the program. “The most helpful part of the program has been knowing that I am not alone,” she said. “Medical Weight Loss Clinic consultants are my lifelong cheerleaders. They encourage me and help me to maintain a healthy weight.”

Her relationship with food has forever changed.

“I learned how to eat food without salt and even now that I have been on maintenance for over a year and a half, I still use very little salt,” she said. 

“I love the structure of the meal plans. They really helped me to stay on track and lose the weight. I love the ability to eat real, healthy foods that I can buy at the grocery store. I love the Medical Weight Loss Clinic supplements; they satisfy my hunger as well as my sweet tooth.” 

Dawn has confidence that even when she hits a bump in the road, she’ll bounce back.

“I think the hardest part of weight loss is maintaining it,” she said. “Right now, I am struggling to lose a few pounds that I gained over the winter months.  But I have the tools and I know what I need to do to get those extra pounds back off.”

Sticking to the plan isn’t always easy, but Dawn knows that it’s important. “I keep going back because maintaining my weight is a lifelong journey,” she said.

The results have been great. Dawn’s daughters live out of state, and when they visited for Christmas, they discussed how proud they were of their mother.  

After dropping the weight, Dawn feels confident and healthy. 

“Losing weight has helped me deal with the chronic shoulder and arm pain which I have been dealing with for over 13 years,” she said.

“Feeling down and depressed about my weight made it more difficult to deal with the pain.  Thank you Medical Weight Loss Clinic for providing me with a weight loss program that has changed my life forever.”

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