Picturing Success: Denise Williams embraces self-care

With the birth of her last child in June 2015 and juggling work and a blended family of seven, Denise Williams faced new challenges in taking care of herself.

Denise was someone who hadn’t struggled with her weight before – then a year after her daughter’s birth, she had gained 40 pounds and weighed more than she did at nine months pregnant. She had always fluctuated between pant sizes of 8 and 10, but eventually couldn’t fit into size 12 anymore. She refused to go up to a size 14, so she only wore leggings.

“I had reached a weight that I’d never seen before,” she recalled. “I believe my weight gain was due to the adjustment of my newborn and work/life balance. Due to sleepless nights, I would just settle for fast food after work. The thought of hiring a trainer and working out several times a week did not fit into my busy schedule. I have a blended family of seven. My house is always busy with homework, sports, activities and daily tasks. I was in need of a realistic diet that would fit into my busy lifestyle.” 

Ask Denise Williams how a healthy change to her diet has impacted her life.

Ask Denise Williams how a healthy change to her diet has impacted her life.

The decision to join the Dearborn Medical Weight Loss Clinic changed her life. In 23 weeks, Denise lost 40 pounds and 16 inches. She said she’s healthier now than she’s ever been.

“Of course, losing the 40 pounds I gained was important, but the bigger prize for me was learning how to implement a healthy diet,” she said.

Denise learned to plan her meals each week. When she leaves home, she avoids fast or unhealthy foods because she always has a bag with her where she keeps meals and snacks that get her through the day. 

“I couldn’t be happier with my new, healthier lifestyle,” she said. “I am a completely different person. My personality has changed. My new lifestyle has changed many of my priorities. My life is much more balanced. I am very confident and more energetic.”

Denise’s advice to others on their weight loss journey is to not become discouraged. To help stay on track and motivated, she said she recommends that patients drink as much water as they can, maintain a food journal and track successes - and don’t give up on themselves.

“It can be challenging in the first few weeks, and sometimes, there will be tough weeks when you may feel the weight isn’t coming off fast enough. Be patient! If you stick to the program, you will see results.”

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