Picturing Success: Kim Mulder adjusts to a new active lifestyle

Kim Mulder learned how to eat healthfully and manage her weight.

Kim Mulder learned how to eat healthfully and manage her weight.

Kim Mulder was fed up.

The Grandville resident was tired of constant pain in her back and feet. She thought she had tried everything, but then she saw a Medical Weight Loss Clinic commercial on TV.

“It was a couple standing in a kitchen, doing all this fresh cooking,” Kim said. “I looked at my husband and said ‘I’m just gonna go check them out. I’m sick of the way I feel.”

She started attending the Grandville Medical Weight Loss Clinic, and she quickly saw results. She’s lost 70 pounds throughout her journey.   

“As soon as I took the weight off, (the pain) all went away,” Kim said.

Her biggest change has been a different relationship with food. “I know I’m not gonna go hungry,” she said. “Three hours from now, I’m gonna fill my body again with food. I look at food differently. It’s been amazing. Honestly, life changing.”

Previously, she’d get winded walking up and down the stairs. Now, she’s an athlete.

“Just feeling better has motivated me to be more active,” she said. “I’m able to run now. Last summer, I ran three 5Ks. I had never run a 5K in my life and I’m signed up for four more this summer. Just being able to do that has been amazing.” 

Kim works as the director of an early childhood program, where she watches more than 25 kids and manages staff members. Married to husband Rick, she has three children: Erica, 25; Allie, 22; and Tanner, 20.

“My whole life is dedicated to taking care of other people,” Kim said. But she decided to get healthy for herself.

“I would encourage people to just do it for you,” she said. “If you’re doing it for anybody else, it’s not gonna work.”

Now she has a new set of goals. 

“I want to maintain the weight,” she said. “Bottom line, I don’t want to put the weight back on.”

She is still adjusting to her new lifestyle. “How I see myself in my mind is not always what I see in the mirror,” Kim said. “With any major change in life, it takes time to adapt and feel comfortable and confident in who I am. My body’s different, but I still tend to want to go to the large and extra-large clothes, and I’m a medium now. Just getting that mindset: It’s a new body and it’s a work in progress.”

Kim says Medical Weight Loss Clinic provided the boost she needed to reach her goals so far.

“Medical Weight Loss definitely put me on track,” she said. “I couldn’t have done it without you guys.” 

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