Skip the fad and find what works for you

Skip the fads with Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Skip the fads with Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Since the beginning of civilization, fad diets have been an integral part of human behavior. Everything from cabbage soup to grapefruit has been marketed as a hot, new diet trend. And at the center of these fads is a desire for one thing: to lose weight fast.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22 when we see fad diets pop up, because they aren’t grounded in real weight loss techniques. Those who try things like the Keto, Zone or Liquid-Only diets will inevitably see pounds melt away, only to reappear later. It’s a vicious circle.

At Michigan-based Medical Weight Loss Clinics, our philosophy is grounded in taking a realistic approach to your weight loss journey. With more than 30 years of experience helping people regain control of their weight and keeping it off, we understand there’s more to dieting than just eliminating your potato chips.

“It’s the one-on-one approach we take with our patients that makes the difference,” said Tracy Strieter-Mandrik, wellness and development coordinator with Medical Weight Loss Clinics. “No two patients are alike. It’s not a one size fits all approach.”

Every diet is different and every wellness program has its focus. Some rely on group support, others are higher in carbohydrates. But the experts at Medical Weight Loss Clinics look at each patient – his or her overall health, food sensitivities or allergies and wellness expectations = to find the program that works best.

“This is a long-term lifestyle change,” said Strieter-Mandrik. “It’s not about weight loss. It’s about weight maintenance.”

When a patient enrolls in our program, he or she may want to look better in a dress, or fit into the new pants they bought at the store. We can help patients better define their “why” when it comes to weight loss - and build a program that suits them.

When the patient leaves, whether after the first visit or the sixth, we know they leave feeling like somebody took the time to listen to them. Our process is more personalized, and our 30 years of results speak for themselves.

If you have tried everything and can’t get the results you’re aiming for, or if you are just starting out in a wellness journey, we are here to help. Skip the fads and find your way. Book a free consultation at 248-353-8446 or schedule online here.