'Sugar Tax' Supported by World Health Organization

sugarbeverages The World Health Organization (WHO) is in support of raising taxes on sugary beverages, in an effort to fight the epidemic of obesity.  In a recent report by the WHO, it is stated that raising prices by at least 20% results in lower consumption of sugary beverages and overall better nutrition.

The WHO indicates they would like to see taxes placed on 'free sugars', where lower consumption will lead to decreased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and dental issues.  'Free sugars' include all types of sugar that can be consumed in a diet, except for sugars that are found naturally in fruit and milk.  These 'free sugars' include glucose, fructose, as well as sucrose and table sugar added to beverages.

The group recommends that sugar intake should be kept below 10% of an individual's total caloric intake, and ideally below 5%.

Several other countries have already implemented a sugar tax on products, including Mexico and Hungary.  Will the United States be next?

Full Article Here:  http://www.bbc.com/news/health-37620087