Vacation Diet Tips

Updated: 4/12/18 Plan ahead so you can enjoy your vacation while staying on track!

Vacation Diet Tips

When taking a trip, we often stray from our weight loss journey and indulge.  With a bit of planning, you can maintain your weight loss and still have fun.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track while on vacation!

1. "Eat in" for as many meals as possible.  Restaurants often serve larger portion sizes than those that fit into our meal plans and we tend to eat out much more while on vacation, so try preparing most of your meals if you're able.  Bring foods with you, make a run to a local grocery store once you reach your destination and take advantage of hotels that have kitchens or mini-fridges.  Carry healthy snacks with you.

2.  When you do eat out at a restaurant, ask your waiter questions.  Try to order dishes with smaller portion sizes and ask for sauce on the side.  Review the menu ahead of time if possible and go to the restaurant prepared.  Choose fruits for a dessert or share a small dessert with others.  Select a local restaurant, that may have fresh and locally grown ingredients.

3. Avoid alcohol!  Sugary alcoholic drinks (like a poolside margarita), can account for a large portion of your daily calories.  Choose healthier beverages or select alcoholic drinks that are light on the added sugar.  Be sure to stay properly hydrated with water as well, spacing water consumption throughout the day.

4. Stay active on your trip!  Try new physical activities that may be unavailable in your home town, like swimming, kayaking or golfing.  Add in physical activities that don't feel like "working out", like dancing.  Focus on the activities and enjoying time with family and friends.  Pack tennis shoes and exercise clothes to encourage yourself to stay active.

Remember to plan ahead and enjoy your time away!