Weight loss helped Judy Patterson regain her health, so much more

Twice, Judy Patterson was hospitalized because her pancreas shut down. She was 70 years old and worried about how to avoid following friends and family members who had increasing health problems as they aged. One year later, her concern was that she didn’t know how to respond to compliments after she lost 63 pounds with Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Judy Patterson is celebrating her health thanks to Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Judy Patterson is celebrating her health thanks to Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Judy had always struggled with her weight and tried just about everything she knew to lose it: weight loss products, fasting, a vegetables-only diet. 

“Nothing worked. I would lose and gain it back — plus more,” she said. “It was rough taking care of my 4-year-old grandson, doing laundry and everyday chores.” 

She was motivated by her grandson to get healthy in a lasting way and found that the Medical Weight Loss Clinic in White Lake was her way to achieve that. She paid for her program in advance to save money and especially to help her stay committed to reaching her goal so the money wasn’t wasted. That worked. And a segment “The Dr. Oz Show” did on food addiction helped confirm for her that she’d made the right choice. 

“It proved I had a food addiction. The solution Dr. Oz gave for weight loss was exactly what I was following with the Medical Weight Loss Clinic! It confirmed I was doing the right thing. Medical Weight Loss was going to work and be healthy for me.” 

With direction and support from clinic staff, Judy dropped four dress sizes and 30.5 inches. She said she doesn’t need any medication and that her doctor is proud of her. 

“I joined Medical Weight Loss Clinic and learned to change my eating habits,” she said. “I move easily without pain. I taught my grandson to ride a two-wheel bike and now I ride with him. My days are very busy and I accomplish everything with ambition and energy.”

Her advice for anyone beginning their weight loss journey is to stick to a grocery list to avoid temptations (remove starches, sugar and snacks from the house for the same reason); wait 10 minutes when a craving hits and make a healthy choice if it doesn’t subside; and take 12 hours off eating at night. It was these, and other tips and guidance from clinic staff that helped Judy achieve her goal.

“Sixty years of wishing has come true.” 

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