CBS: Medical Weight Loss Giving Away FREE Pro-Teen Weight Loss Plans

By Dr. Deanna Lites@DeannaLites, September 22, 2016 11:55 AM

Childhood obesity is on the rise in this country. Now, a Michigan based weight loss organization is hoping to help young people in the state get healthy during National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic is looking to help Michigan kids ages 10 to 17 lose weight. During the month of September, 31 medical weight loss clinics around the state will be giving away 930 Pro-Teen weight loss plans which includes medical and lab work, 10-weeks of weight loss services and nutritional supplements.

In Michigan, 12-percent of middle school children and 15-percent of high school students are considered obese. Eighteen-year-old Jake Stewart of Richmond was one of them. He says the extra weight interfered with his life.

“I couldn’t, like, keep up with my friends,” he said. “And then also, just looking into the mirror, I just wasn’t really OK with what I was seeing and I knew something needed to be done.”

That’s when Stewart was introduced to Pro-Teen weight loss plan.

“I lost 100 pounds and I did that with the Medical Weight Loss program,” he said.


To receive a free Pro-Teen program, applicants must meet enrollment eligibility based on current program protocols. The Pro-Teen program is designed not only for weight loss, but also to educate young people on more sensible food choices and portion control, to help ensure a lifetime of healthy habits.

The program includes all medical set-up, lab work, 10-weeks of weight loss services and all nutritional supplements, and is valued more than $500 each. To apply, teens must complete a short entry form and describe in 100 words or less why they are interested in MWLC’s Pro-Teen weight-loss services.

Spots in the program will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis until Sept. 30 at

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