Cheer on our Honored Champions at the Tour de Cure Sept. 30 in Detroit

Each year, thousands of bike riders take to streets in their hometowns to fight diabetes and its challenges as part of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. This year in Detroit, hundreds will gather at Comerica Park to ride – or walk - for a great cause. Medical Weight Loss Clinic is thrilled to be a part of it all on Sept. 30.

To celebrate this event, we are bringing with us four people we call our Honored Champions. These team members will share their weight loss journey and give hope to those who struggle to lose weight – for any reason.

“These individuals were chosen to be MWLC Honored Champions because they serve as role models for those who struggle with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Crohn’s disease or colitis,” said Tracy Strieter, Wellness and Business Development Coordinator, Medical Weight Loss Clinic. “Through their stories, they continue to make a positive impact on their health through our services, and inspire others along the way.”


Meet our 2018 Honored Champions:

Vivian D. – At the age of 43, Vivian suffered a stroke that was due to a hole in her heart and high cholesterol. After her cardiologist voiced concerns about operating on her because of her weight, Vivian enrolled in a program at Medical Weight Loss Clinic and lost 40 pounds over the course of 3 months. Her doctor credits her weight loss success with the fact that surgery is no longer necessary, and she can get off of her cholesterol medication.

Kyle L. – When Kyle Lobes used to look at his kids, it was with a sense of foreboding that his weight might prohibit him from watching them grow and thrive. When his weight topped out at 284 pounds, he knew he had to make some changes, lest he regret it. So he started on a program last November at Medical Weight Loss Center and has watched more than 70 pounds melt away as he focuses on eating better and chasing his kids around the house.

Maurice M. – Maurice has a history of diabetes that runs in his family, and his doctor informed him recently that he was straddling the border of diabetes, due to his weight. As an avid gym-goer, Maurice was discouraged with his loss of energy due to weight gain. But after losing 50 pounds at Medical Weight Loss Clinic, he finds he has the energy needed to attack the gym as often as he likes, which has made his weight loss journey one with a happy ending.

Tony T. – Like many, Tony struggled to lose weight for a long time. He tried every method he could but didn’t find lasting success until he joined programs here at Medical Weight Loss Clinic. His waist size went down 10 inches and he was able to stop taking three medications. Tony believes in following the program and said his confidence and relationships are all the better for it.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s participation in the Tour de Cure is part of its 2018 Giveback Campaign where we support and give back to the continual research and community services provided by the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Michigan in 2018.

Want to join our champions? To register to ride in the Tour de Cure Michigan, or learn more about the event, please visit their website.

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