The News Herald: Clinic to Offer Teen Health Programs for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Published by The News Herald: Monday, September 19, 2016

From left to right are Southgate Mayor Joseph Kuspa, Medical Weight Loss Clinic Vice President Nick Welham, MWLC President David Paull and Lincoln Park Mayor Tom Karnes. The mayors were at the clinic to declare Sept. 19-24 Childhood Obesity Awareness Week. (Photo courtesy of Medical Weight Loss Clinic)

Throughout the month of September, Medical Weight Loss Clinic, a board certified physician-administered weight loss program with more than 30 locations in Michigan and Ohio, will be giving away 930 of its special Pro-Teen plans to Michigan’s young people looking for help in maintaining a healthy weight.

As part of its effort to bring awareness to the problem locally during National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, MWLC will give-away 30 plans each (selected in recognition of the company’s 30th anniversary milestone this year) at all of its 31 Michigan clinics.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity in the U.S. has tripled in the past decade. Currently, one in three U.S. children can be classified as obese or overweight, and in Michigan, 12 percent of middle school children and 15 percent of high school students are considered obese.

“At MWLC, we recognize the challenges people face at every age with healthy weight management,” said David Paull, MWLC president. “We want to take a stand in the fight against the obesity epidemic among our youth here at home. We’re hoping by making available our expertise, resources and support to nearly 1,000 families free of charge, we can help make a big difference for some of our young people.”

To receive a free Pro-Teen program, applicants (who must have proof of approval for participation from a legal guardian) must be aged 10-17 and meet enrollment eligibility based on current program protocols. The Pro-Teen program is designed not only for weight loss, but also to educate young people on more sensible food choices and portion control to help ensure a lifetime of healthy habits.

Each clinic’s 30 free Pro-Teen programs – which include all medical set-up, lab work, 10-weeks of weight loss services and all nutritional supplements and are valued more than $500 each – will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis from Sept. 1 to 30, using an online entry system at

Applicants must complete a short entry form and describe in 100 words or less why they are interested in MWLC’s Pro-Teen weight-loss services.

In further effort to draw attention to the national issue on a local level, Southgate Mayor Joseph Kuspa and Lincoln Park Mayor Tom Karnes declared Sept. 19-24 Childhood Obesity Awareness Week.

Source: Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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