Guest Blogger Rosa: POWER IN NUMBERS

Weight loss blog by Rosa

We had little will power on our own, but together we had the power to make the change.  My husband Mike, our two boys Ben (17yrs) and Izaak (16yrs), and I, collectively agreed enough was enough.  My name is Rosa and this is my story.  We were your typical diet shoppers, trying this program and that program.  We cheered each other on when one of us attempted to make a change in our life.  Inevitably, it always ended up in disappointment.  We would gain back everything we lost and then some.

This is the first time we are ALL in it together.  My two teenage boys participated in the kitchen cleanout.  We gave away all of the boxes, cans, bags, and bottles.  I called the closest Medical Weight Loss Clinic and the voice on the phone didn’t make us wait for an appointment.  “Come on in and let’s talk.” she said.  Jeannine invited us into her office and had just the right sense of humor that put my teens at ease.  As the mom, I felt a tremendous sense of guilt sitting in her office listening to my boys talk about the number they wished the scale would read one day.

Since then, everyone at our MWLC welcomes us with positive thoughts and encouragement.  I know we’re at the right place when I hear Ben and Izaak open up to the staff about why they’re there and what difficulties they are facing for that day.  I will tell you that the school day is the most challenging for them.  Our friends at MWLC listen to Ben and Izaak’s concerns.  They tweak and tailor their menu choices regularly to make lunchtime and snacks at school manageable.   Every Sunday evening, we all sit at the kitchen table prepping our food for the week.  Ben is really good at creating our grocery list and meals for the week.  Izaak and I measure, cut and bag up items for lunches and snacks for easy access for being on –the-go.  We all agree Mike is the best cook so I’ve gladly left that job for him.

Today, I’ve lost 60.5 pounds and my boys (husband included) are feeling just as successful.  We’re still working toward the goals we’ve set for ourselves.  Every day and every weigh in, I watch my family move toward a healthier and happier life.


PS:  I texted this to the boys when we began changing our way of living life.  I still send it to them when I know we have a day of temptation coming up (holidays, parties, etc).