How summer weather impacts our eating habits

Do the warmer summer temperatures tempt you to eat differently? Are you less hungry or more apt to crave ice cream? You’re not alone.

The experts at Medical Weight Loss Clinic say the seasons can surely impact our eating habits.

Jordan Stewart, a longtime employee with Medical Weight Loss Clinic, says our eating habits do seem to change with the seasons. But there are ways to reign in those cravings and opt for healthy choices. 

Make the most of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables this summer.

Make the most of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables this summer.

Think Fresh and Cool

“When the weather is hot, people often start to crave lighter, colder foods and beverages,” she says. “This is a positive when craving fresh fruit or light proteins - but a negative when craving an ice cream cone!”

For some, warmer temperatures means eating eat less. Christina Karas, service director at Medical Weight Loss Clinic suggests making the most of that by adding cold salads, fresh fruit and veggies to the menu.  

“Cottage cheese, tuna and hard boiled eggs are good hot weather protein options,” Christina adds. 

Training Director Tabitha Panetta agrees it’s a great time to add fresh fruits and vegetables to our plates. “They are in their peak in the summer months,” she says. “This means they will be available at the lowest price, while tasting the best.”

Try shopping a local farmer’s market to stock up on those fresh foods, too. Jordan recommends incorporating cucumbers, peaches, peppers, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, watermelon, pineapple and cherries into your meals during the summer, when you’ll get the most flavor.

And think out-of-the-box with summer recipes. Get out of that hot kitchen.  

Grill dinners like Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs outside. Cool off with a watermelon pizza or cucumber salad. Find ways to add more vegetables to your recipes – like finely diced mushrooms mixed in with burger patties to cut down of the amount of red meat needed when grilling hamburgers. 

Get Active

Those on a Medical Weight Loss Clinic program have plenty of extra support through the tempting summer months. Tabitha reminds patients that the warmer weather is the perfect time to ramp up a workout.  

“Take advantage of your extra activity and burn more calories by making sure not to skip meals, take snacks and stay hydrated,” she said. “Even moderate exercise could burn approximately 300-400 calories extra a day. Get outside! Outdoor sports, boating and swimming.”

Be sure to stay hydrated. It’s a healthy goal in any season.

Be sure to stay hydrated. It’s a healthy goal in any season.


Jordan reminds everyone that more activity requires more hydration. Summer is a great time to make fresh iced tea with lemon, or to slice up fresh fruit and add it to a pitcher of water for more flavor, she says.

“Water is extremely important for losing and maintaining weight loss,” according to Jordan, “especially when the temperatures rise and our bodies lose more water through sweating.”

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