How to avoid the first visit jitters at Medical Weight Loss Clinic


Men and women of all ages are inspired to visit us here at Medical Weight Loss Clinic – and they come for so many reasons. Some are looking to lose weight for an upcoming event – a wedding, reunion or vacation. Others have seen our TV commercial and walk in declaring that in fact they too have “tried everything!”

Whatever the reason, all patients share one thing in common. They got over any jitters and signed up for a first consultation with our highly-qualified staff.

Kelly Smith, regional supervisor at Medical Weight Loss Clinic, admits she never tires of telling new patients that “this is the last weight loss program they will ever need to try!” And she means it.

“People know that if they could’ve done it on their own, they would have,” she says.

Every patient who walks through our doors starts with an initial, individual consultation. Kelly claims that many patients may begin this journey unhappy about an aspect of their health, weight or something else. Fear not, it’s often the first step toward success. And it’s the success of other patients that truly drives new patients to try our program.

Here’s what to expect when you take that first step toward a health and wellness program at Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Get a look around

“A first consultation is meant to be a welcoming environment for a potential patient,” says Kelly. “We introduce patients to the staff, show them around the clinic and review their medical history.”

Give us an hour

It’s really nothing to be hesitant about. An initial consultation takes about 45 minutes to an hour. We ask patients to bring a list of any current prescriptions to ensure we’re taking that into consideration when designing a plan. Each patient is different and has different needs. We understand that.

“Weight loss is personal,” says Kelly. “We have a small window of opportunity to show each individual that we are here for them. We want everyone to feel that they were THE most important person that we met with that day.”

And it’s true. Because the counseling our patients receive does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s quite the opposite.

Expect a customized approach

“What sets us apart, is our ability to meet with them individually and design a program for them,” Kelly says. “We ask them questions about their personal life, social life, work environment, best and worst food habits and medical history and throw all their answers into a metaphorical mixing pot. From here we are able to design a program specifically tailored to their needs.”

Get real

Honesty is the most important aspect of a first consultation. Our manager and counselors are well-trained, understanding and here to support you. We can only do that if we’re able to design a proper plan from the start.

Kelly mentions: “While our programs are not difficult to follow they do feature a new way of thinking about food. Our staff is here to help every step of the way. We have the patients weigh in every day their first 2 weeks of program to iron out all the kinks.  It is usually a very smooth transition.”

Feel supported

We hire managers and consultants who are relatable, kind, well-spoken, intelligent, driven and can easily relate to all types of personalities. The most rewarding moment for all of us comes when our patients see results.

Often patients tell us that it was worth investing in our staff to be their coaches and cheerleaders AND it was worth investing in themselves. And that makes the effort worth it for all of us.

If you have tried everything and can’t get the results you’re aiming for, or if you are just starting out in a wellness journey, we are here to help. Book your initial consultation at 248-353-8446 or visit for more.