Make Corporate Wellness count in 2019 with Medical Weight Loss Clinic


A new year often brings new resolutions. It’s the ideal time for companies – as well as individuals - to commit to health.

No one knows this better than Tracy Strieter, Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s wellness and business development coordinator. She’s been with the company for 28 years and connects directly with business owners and human resource professionals across two states. More than 90 Michigan- and Ohio-based businesses are currently enrolled in Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Corporate Wellness programs.

“We are their valued weight loss resource,” Tracy says. “We extend special discounts to employees which they can take advantage of at any of our more than 30 clinics, but we also provide on-site group education and motivational Lunch and Learns to help keep their weight moving in the right direction - down!”

If a business is looking to provide lunch and learn programs that focus on wellness, Tracy can help. She says every service is customized based on a company’s needs.

Lunch and Learn about health
Medical Weight Loss Clinic provides free resources like Lunch and Learn programs to keep your company on track.

Now more than ever, she says, companies are committed to the health and well-being of their employees. And because company-offered insurance rates are based on overall health and biometrics like cholesterol, BMI or weight, these programs can offer an advantage for companies who want to get involved. The savings can be substantial. For example, Tracy says, “when employees are overweight it can cost more than an extra $4,000 per year in health care and related costs.”

Tracy points out another advantage. “A lot of companies do have wellness programs – or companies they outsource to,” she says. “But a lot of them do not have experience with weight loss. We continue to be a resource for them. It’s important to get good information out to business owners and their employees - so they can make healthy choices.”

The best part? Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers these programs free of charge.

There is no cost to join the company’s Corporate Wellness programs. Medical Weight Loss Clinic employees work directly with human resources staff members to coordinate lunch and learn programs or other company-sponsored events. “We provide tips to help everyone stay on track.”

Some participating businesses ask Tracy to track the success – like total pounds lost, average weight loss and average BMI loss - of their employees. For example, one insurance company lost a half of ton of weight and decreased their BMI over 5 points by utilizing Medical Weight Loss Clinic's corporate wellness services. When she sees success like this, she says, it really shows that Medical Weight Loss Clinic programs make a difference and create a positive change for everyone.   

It’s simple for businesses to get involved, too. Contact Tracy Strieter directly at (248) 254-7320 to learn more about Corporate Wellness programs. Or, get expert advice on how to follow through with your health and nutrition resolutions by contacting Medical Weight Loss Clinic today. Book a free consultation here or call 248-353-8446.