Navigating the grocery store on a budget


When you set out a nutrition plan to take charge of your health and lose weight, it might seem daunting to keep it up -especially as you head to the grocery store. But with a little preparation and some pro tips, you can feel confident in your success as you navigate any grocery store.

Prepare for Grocery Shopping

The No. 1 way you can prepare for a grocery trip you feel good about is to come prepared with a list. Jennie Brooks, manager of the Southgate location of Medical Weight Loss Clinic, says it’s key to make a list of everything you want to buy, without too many options. This will help you focus on what you came for and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed once you get to the store.

Also, make sure you follow the age-old wisdom of eating a meal before you go grocery shopping!

“The worst thing is shopping while you’re hungry,” Jennie says. “Everything sounds better and is more tempting.”

How to Navigate the Grocery Store like a pro

One you get there, Jennie says, start with the fruit and vegetable section, because those foods don’t require refrigeration. Overall, focus your shopping on the outside ring of the store.

“This way, all of your major items are taken care of first, and you avoid a lot of the temptations that are within the aisles,” she advises.

While there may be items that you need in the aisles, the deli and bakery sections are two parts of the store that you can avoid altogether. “There is nothing you need from these areas,”Jennie says.

Yes, You Can Buy Healthy Food on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it is possible to stick to budget and buy healthy foods!

You can do this by purchasing generic brands of packaged foods like healthy grains, dairy, and frozen fruits and vegetables. Also keep in mind that fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season cost less than those that aren’t. For meat, Jennie suggests that you buy it in bulk at a place like Sam’s Club or Costco, then measure it out and freeze it.

“I may do this once a month, and then all of my other shopping trips are for minor, less expensive things,” she says.

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