Picturing Success: Laura Campbell loves the way she looks and feels thanks to Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Laura Campbell pictures success with Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Laura Campbell pictures success with Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

When Laura Campbell became a Medical Weight Loss Clinic patient in September 2017, she hoped for a long-term solution that would stick. 

“I was dissatisfied with my previous weight loss efforts because I would plateau, get frustrated, quit and gain all the weight back,” she said.

Her motivation for weight loss, when she started to visit the Lansing and Okemos clinics, was to become more comfortable in her body and the spaces around her.

“I wasn't having real health issues, but a lot of little things bothered me,” Laura said. “I couldn't find professional work clothes in my size. When I sat in chairs, my hips touched the sides/arms of the chair, and I struggled to get airplane seatbelts on — that kind of stuff that built up into long-term emotional hurt.”

When she found out that her employer partnered with MWLC and offered a discount, she decided to give it a try and ended up being happy with the results. MWLC programs have several qualities that Laura was looking for in her ideal weight loss program that made it easier for her to stick with, such as:

·      Personal, one-on-one service

·      Short visits that easily fit into her schedule

·      No requirements to buy food to do the program, but the option to purchase supplements and other aids for weight loss

·      Focus on long-term goals, healthy eating habits and how to maintain the weight loss 

At first, Laura found it challenging to stick only to the foods on the “allowed” list, but was so happy with her progress that it, combined with the supportive clinic staff, helped her stay focused. She said the clinic staff was flexible in taking account of her needs and made changes to her plan as necessary. Within the first 10 months, Laura met her goal of losing 95 pounds. She is especially proud of this success because she lost the weight in a healthy way.

The tools and strategies Laura received from the clinic staff over the years have helped her break her long-time habit of turning to food and drink as a way to deal with her stressful job. 

“It was and still is a hard habit to break, but with the tools I got and eating strategies MWLC provided, I can stop weight gains before they go too far and can work on overall healthy eating,” she said.

Laura has switched to healthier daily habits. She exercises each morning and front-loads her food intake, eating less as the day goes on to make sure she efficiently burns the calories she consumes. These days, seeing how far she’s come and how good she feels is what motivates Laura to stick with the tools that got her here.

“I think about the nutrition and health of food I eat a lot more than I ever did and work on making better choices when I eat out,” she said. “I travel a lot for my work, so sometimes the habits are hard to maintain, but I am always thinking about ways I can keep them up — how I can make healthy choices when eating out, how I can fit in exercise with my travel schedule and how much I like the new clothes I wear.

“Even when I weighed more, I was very active and enjoyed camping, hiking and kayaking, but now it's easier and I'm more comfortable doing it.

“Did I mention I love the clothes I can wear now?” 

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