Picturing Success: Megan Ling has dropped 160 pounds with Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Megan Ling is on a healthier path since joining Medical Weight Loss Clinic – and it shows.

Megan Ling is on a healthier path since joining Medical Weight Loss Clinic – and it shows.

At age 24, Megan Ling describes joining Medical Weight Loss Clinic as “the best decision I ever made.”

“I have been a MWLC patient for over three years, and my experience has been life-changing,” she said. 

Megan joined the Livonia clinic when she decided she had to make a change for her health and future. Multiple sports injuries had kept her from physical activity, a tough home life led her to emotionally overeat, she didn’t have a good grasp on nutrition, and birth control contributed to a 50-pound weight gain.

“I found myself to be 21 years old and 353 pounds, and I knew I needed to change,” she said.

Commercials for MWLC led Megan to do research online about the clinic’s programs - and she decided it was something that would work with her busy schedule.

“I chose MWLC because I felt as if their staff actually truly cared about my well-being,” Megan said. “This was a program that had a majority of your food planned out, and that made it super easy to stay on top of it.”

After three years, Megan is proud to say she has dropped nearly 160 pounds and weighs 195 pounds. But for her, the MWLC journey has been about more than the weight loss.

“My biggest success is finding out who I was during the whole process,” she said. “I attribute that to the staff of MWLC, my coaches at a local wellness center and - most importantly - myself. I lost over 155 pounds and I’m smaller now than I was my freshmen year of high school.”

And she’s inspired to continue to build on her success.

“What keeps me going is the thought of who I used to be: the daily struggle it was to go up and down the stairs, the way I used to look in the mirror and hate myself for letting myself get that far. I still want to accomplish so much more, with training and lowering my body fat percentage and gaining more lean muscle mass. I plan to competitively weight lift and only continue to move up from here,” she said.

With education and support from the MWLC staff and diet changes, Megan initially lost 96 pounds. Then she was ready to take the next step to achieve her first goal of losing 100 pounds.

“Once I realized I could actually do what I was setting to do, I sought out to learn more about working out and exercise. With a healthy mindset and dedication I went on to lose another 50 pounds.”

One challenge, Megan said, has been how to bounce back when she falls off track. She said she always had trouble with that but has tried to shift her mindset to one that says even when today is bad, tomorrow will be better and to have the will to make that happen, “because only you can truly challenge yourself,” she said.

She encourages others who join MWLC to be patient and stay driven, even if you get off track. “It didn’t take a day to put all the weight on; it won’t take a day to take the whole weight off,” she said, and added that she works 50 hours a week and makes it to the gym for over 10. “If I can do it, anyone can. 

When she looks back on her success so far, Megan sees that she’s come a long way.

“Physically and emotionally, I am a whole new person. I could not imagine being the weight I was ever again. I can get up and have energy for the whole day — something I never experienced. I have literally lost a whole person and my clothing size still shocks me,” she said. “I work out three to five times a week, when before, I never did. I find enjoyment and happiness from working out. I have a better grasp on my diet and how to life every day with better conscious eating habits. I am SO happy with this journey.”

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