This is why we suggest regular visits to Medical Weight Loss Clinic


If you have tried to lose weight on your own before and ultimately ended up frustrated, you may find that having the expertise of the Medical Weight Loss Clinic team to support you makes all the difference. That’s why face-to-face interactions are so critical to your success in a MWLC program.

Whether you choose a program option with grocery food and supplements or a provider-based program that involves meal replacement or weight loss medications, we recommend that you visit your clinic three times a week.

Lauren Lipinski, manager of the Livonia Medical Weight Loss Clinic, insisted that frequent visits are essential to a patient’s successful weight loss journey.

“First, it keeps accountability and structure to their schedule,” she said. “Coming in frequently ensures the patient is adhering to their program. It keeps them focused and determined, and it is a constant reminder of their results. Second, it keeps staff up to date with the patient’s challenges. If challenges are being faced, it gives the staff the opportunity to counsel that patient and get them back on track, or provide the necessary advice or ideas they are looking for to combat that issue.”

Lipinski explained that it’s estimated that patients who go to the clinic three times a week or more lose on average, 1 to 1.5 pounds more per week than those who visit less frequently.

“Speaking with someone face-to-face is a more personable experience, and in person a patient can reveal their struggles more openly and get the help they need,” she said.

Making MWLC visits convenient

At MWLC, we strive to give patients the best quality care and service, and we make it convenient to visit the clinic. There are no copays or appointments, and our hours accommodate most schedules, with early morning, evening and even Saturday hours.

We also typically keep the visits brief, between five and 10 minutes. Visits involve a weigh-in, blood pressure reading and a conversation about how you feel, what your recent food choices have been and what upcoming challenges you may face.

Lipinski conversely noted that patients who do need more help receive the attention they need too.

“If the patient is struggling with their busy lifestyle or simply sticking to the plan in general, the visit may take a little longer, so that we can put together a plan of action,” she said.

If you are ready for accountability and guidance to help you achieve the weight loss you desire, contact Medical Weight Loss Clinic today. Book your free consultation here or call us at 248-353-8446.