Strawberry Jello Cake

Updated: 6/19/18 Celebrate National Strawberry Day with a light yet sweet treat!  Strawberry Jello Cake!

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Servings: 1 Fruit 2 Nutritional Supplements 1 Fiber

Ingredients: 1 MWLC Pancake Nutritional Supplement 1 MWLC Cherry Jello Fiber 1 MWLC Vanilla Pudding Shake Nutritional Supplement 1 serving Fresh Strawberries Water

Preparation: Mix 1 pancake nutritional supplement with 2 oz. water and microwave for 2 minutes. Use a fork to poke holes throughout the cake that forms. In separate bowl, mix 1 cherry jello fiber with 2 oz. of hot water, mix, then pour over pancake mixture. Place in fridge to cool. Mix 4 oz. water and vanilla supplement and pour over cake as frosting. Top with chopped fresh strawberries.