Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake

Did you know that this week is 'American Chocolate Week'?  What better way to celebrate than with MWLC's Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake! Image result for chocolate raspberry shake

Servings: 1 Dairy 1 Fruit 1 Nutritional Supplement

Ingredients: 8 oz. 1% Low-Fat Milk 1 serving fresh, or frozen, Raspberries 2 drops Banana Extract 1 MWLC Chocolate Pudding Shake Nutritional Supplement 3 Ice Cubes

Preparation: Pour the 8 oz. serving of 1% milk into a blender. Next, add the Chocolate Shake Supplement, one serving of fresh or frozen raspberries, and 3 ice cubes into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add 2 drops of banana extract into the shake mixture and blend all ingredients for a few more seconds. Top with a mint leaf and enjoy while it is fresh.