5 Reasons to Eat Radishes

The nutritional content and flavor of radishes has them deserving of a second look next time you're at the grocery store! radishes

Five Reasons to Eat Radishes:

1.  Radishes have high fiber content - contributing to a feeling of fullness and aiding in healthy digestion.  They provide a great snack while following a weight loss plan, as they are low-calorie and filling. 2.  Even though this vegetable is small, radishes are rich in Vitamin C!  This vitamin is essential for your body to create and maintain connective tissue. 3.  Radishes have high potassium content, which can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. 4.  They contain minerals that promote good health, including folate, Vitamin K, manganese, iron and calcium. 5.  Radishes are a natural diuretic - helpful in the treatment of urinary and kidney infections.

Five Ways to Use Radishes in Cooking:

1. Add a peppery crunch to your salad, by mixing in small slices of radish. 2. Mix finely chopped radishes into tuna or chicken salad mixtures.  They are also delicious in coleslaw. 3. Add thin slices of radishes to a pitcher of water to create a refreshing infused water drink. 4. Throw radish slices into your omelet or scrambled eggs. 5. Add radish slices to sandwiches and wraps for an extra crunch.