WSYM: Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Did you know that one of the biggest contributors to overeating is stress, and the holidays are a time when people tend to have more stress? Tracy stopped into the Morning blend to talk about ways to beat the effects of holiday stress and how to combat it with our CoQ10 and B-12.

Increased stress causes your body to produce cortisol, a hormone which can increase appetite. A simple fix? Antioxidants found in whole, fresh foods such as berries, peppers, grapes and apples are vital.  Antioxidants are the secret weapon and are the counter measure against holiday stress and increased cortisol.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic also offers powerful antioxidant CoQ10 and chewable B-12 to help. As your stress level rises, CoQ10 is used up faster.   Low CoQ10 levels can create fatigue.

MWLC’s formula is produced from natural source which is identical to the body’s own CoQ10 production. In contrast, many other formulas are made using synthetic CoQ10, which is chemically processed.

MWLC’s B-12 can boost your energy, concentration, memory, and mood – it is one of eight B vitamins that help the body convert the food you eat into glucose, giving your body energy. Together, these products can manage your cortisol and energy levels!