Apple Crisp

Although Fall is around the corner, you can enjoy this Apple Crisp any time!

Apple Crisp

2 MWLC Nutritional Supplement Powders
1 Fruit

Suitable for Freedom Programs only 


Bottom Layer – Oatmeal Crust

½ package of MWLC Oatmeal Nutrient
1 tsp Splenda Brown Sugar
Unflavored Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Middle Layer - Apples
1 small Apple (peeled, cored and diced)
2 Tbsp Water
½ tsp Vanilla Extract
Cinnamon, to taste

Top Layer – Pudding
1 package MWLC Vanilla Pudding/Shake Nutritional Supplement Powder
½ package of MWLC Oatmeal Nutritional Supplement Powder
4 oz. Water



Bottom Layer – Oatmeal Crust:  Spray the bottom of a glass pan with unflavored non-stick cooking spray. Mix together ½ package of Oatmeal Nutritional Supplement with Splenda Brown Sugar and line bottom of glass pan.

Middle Layer - Apples:  Microwave apple, water, cinnamon, and extract mixture until soft and tender.  Pour heated contents on top of oatmeal crust.

Top Layer – Pudding:  Mix the Vanilla Pudding Nutritional Supplement, Oatmeal Nutritional, Supplement and 4 oz of water together.  Spread over top of the middle apple layer and serve.