Diabetes: Healthy Winter Habits

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It's tempting to ignore your diabetes plan and become a couch potato during the cold, dark winter months. But don't give in and let your cravings win! Eating more and exercising less will only lead to diabetes complications so follow these tips to stay healthy during the winter.

Winter Exercise Keep moving! Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and manage blood pressure. 2.5 hours a week is ideal, but you can break it up to fit your schedule or fitness level.

Take advantage of the season and go ice skating, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing instead of walking, jogging or biking.

Eat Smart Your body needs the right fuel to keep blood sugar levels in your target range.

1. Eat breakfast every day 2. Snack on fruits and vegetables 3. Choose foods high in fiber, calcium and iron

Quick Guide To Tests If you have diabetes, these are the checkups you need during the year.